Flexible solutions

With over 130 stores, Republic is the UK’s leading retailer of branded fashion. Stocking brands such as G-Star, Firetrap and Jack & Jones along with own brands such as Soulcal and Miso, P3 have provided Republic with stores that are dynamic, edgy and fashionable whilst at the same time providing a flexible home to these eclectic brands.


The new Westfield shopping centre next to the 2012 Olympic Stadium in London provides the perfect back drop for this new flagship store for Republic. With an evolutionary store design which included the introduction of Republic’s new mango corporate colour, P3 turned to Fagerhult to assist with the lighting solution for this important new store.

Once entering the store, the consumer is met with a stunning double-height space. Here you are greeted with space and time to gain your first impressions of the store and to begin navigation of it. Derrick Pover, owner of P3 Creative said:

When choosing a lighting supplier for Republic, we needed a manufacturer who had the broad range of product required but who was perfectly suited to provide the service level we required to be able to assist us in delivery for this important retailer. In Fagerhult we believe we have found this as, when developing a store such as this, Fagerhult proved they have the flexibility and speed of service required to be able to act as a true lighting partner to P3 Creative and Republic.


An important factor of the store for Republic is that they can move any brand to any area of the store very quickly. For this reason the lighting was designed to accommodate this and hence, as you walk past the wonderful ‘cinema fascia’ walking up the stairs, you are met with the same lighting solution as that employed downstairs.

Bright entrance

To provide a nice, bright entrance, Fagerhult have utilised the a 250 W metal halide hi-bay fixture, which has been modified to be black in colour and to have a special rusty wire-guard on the underside, providing a unique appearance which reflects the edgy interior of the store. To illuminate perimeter displays and graphics, Marathons*1) with 70 W CDM lamps are mounted on fix point bases to ensure light is provided exactly where needed.

Great flexibility with Marathon

The windows provide are of immediate interest as you enter the store. With mannequins sited on wooden trolleys and Marathon*1) 20 W CDM-Tc fixtures mounted on the base of these trolleys to uplight the mannequins, a dramatic lit effect is achieved. As the trolleys (and therefore the track and Marathons) can be moved, this solution provides great flexibility for the future as well.

Mixture of wide and medium beam reflectors

As the consumer explores the ground floor, each brand area is lit using smaller luminaires with 150 W CDM lamps (modified aesthetically as their larger brother) with triple Orbit recessed gimbal luminaires. Each Orbit houses 3x35 W CDM lamps with a mixture of wide and medium beam reflectors, providing an interesting lit effect throughout the store.

Fluidity of design

P3 use different feature pendant luminaires throughout each Republic store to ensure individuality and fluidity of design at all times. One area where this is successfully employed is in the mid-shop area where wooden ceiling rafts are fitted.

Fagerhult’s Pleaid Power Flex*2) spotlights in white and black are used here to provide the perfect working complement to the beautiful aesthetic of the feature pendant lighting.


*1) Marathon with metal halide is no longer in production. Please see Marathon G2.

*2) Pleaid Power Flex is no longer in production. Please see Noc G2.

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