Jönköping : Sweden

Kinnarps Arena

Freedom lines and Arena lighting

Fagerhult illuminates Kinnarps Arena in Jönköping. Functional Indulux shines in the high roof over the arena and fittings reminiscent of the hockey rink spread light lines over the stadium.


Kinnarps Arena is the home stadium of the Swedish hockey team HV71. The arena can receive up to 7000 visitors during one hockey game. This arena does not only arrange games in hockey, it is also a local arena for concerts and other sport events such as the world men’s handball championship in 2011.


The arena’s interior is inspired by the shapes in the hockey rink, so that the lines of the rink follows the floors all the way through the hallways into the sport bar.

Lines of light

The free lines of our innovative luminaire Freedom decorates the newly build sport bars. This LED-luminare fits well into the context, because of its unique design that is reminiscent of the rink lines.

More lines are created by our luminare Notor. They can be found as general light in the communication areas and around the corridors.

Arena lighting

Fagerhult can provide solutions with both decorative and functional light. Indulux from Fagerhult illuminates the big hockey rink. It is a luminaire well suited for the area and can be adjusted to several heights.



Fagerhult’s classic interior luminaire Notor is available in several versions for suspended, surface mounted or recessed installation. Notor is an obvious choice in circumstances when there is a desire to create long, unbroken lines of light. Discreet or...


Sketch your own lines with light! Freedom is an innovative LED luminaire that makes it possible to create free forms suspended in the air, on the ceiling and on the wall. With the help of two modules, one straight and one curved, the luminaire can be...

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