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DNB Bjørvika

Futuristic workspaces overlooking central Oslo

Fagerhult light illuminates the 85 000 square meter large banking office, where 4200 employees work in new modern spaces.


DNB's new head office is situated in three futuristic buildings with workspaces, restaurants and meeting areas. The premises house two large auditoriums, the biggest of which can accommodate 200 people.

The traditional canteen is replaced by a large food court with six different restaurant units which has the dual function of being used as a meeting and work area outside lunch hours. A restaurant is also planned for the roof terrace, which will give patrons and staff a sun-filled terrace overlooking central Oslo.


Showcasing the future workspace

The new office is built to meet the need of a modern flexible workspace. All staff have new modern work sites. Fagerhult’s Avion provide excellent direct and indirect light over the desks. Its delicate beauty gives an elegant flow of light and is, for this project, custom made in pure white.

Other luminaires providing light to this great project are the light lines of Notor, recessed MultiFive Delta* fittings, the popular downlight Pleiad and the round luminaire Pozzo, that brings a feeling of daylight.

Light framing the interior

The wallwasher Wall 1 illuminate the walls and create a pleasant, ambient feeling.

Outdoor beautification

The classic outdoor luminaire Rondo, in a recessed version gives good light in the entrance area. Surface mounted Slot, from our partner Simes, completes the outdoor environment and compliments the buildings’ exterior.

*MultiFive has been replaced by Multilume.

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