Notor T5 Ceiling Opal

Ceiling-mounted T5 luminaire with Opal louvres. Single or continuous installation.


Surface mounted.


Cable entries fitted with blanking grommets on top. A special short end with cable entry is used for a surface mounted mains cable, see Accessories. The luminaire unit is equipped with through-wiring cable (5x1.5 mm²) and a snap-in terminal block at each end. In a continuous installation the luminaire row should always begin with a start luminaire.


Luminaire body in natural anodised, extruded aluminium finish.


Opal – opal acrylic diffuser (PMMA).


Opal – reflector of white enamelled sheet steel.

Emergency lighting

There is a unit with integrated emLED available for Notor T5, see Accessories.


Most models can also be equipped with other ballasts for dimming.


Installation fittings and supplementary details, see Accessories.

Designed by

Vesa Honkonen och Julle Oksanen.

Notor T5

Fagerhult’s classic interior luminaire Notor is available in several versions for suspended, surface mounted or recessed installation. Notor is an obvious choice when there is a desire to create long, unbroken lines of light....

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Filter Light source Effect, W Module Installation Light control Light source Effect, W Module Installation Light control
26786 FDH 1x45/49 1500 Start
26786-368 FDH 1x45/49 1500 Start DALI/Phase-pulse
26786-436 FDH 1x45/49 1500 Start DALI/DSI/switchDIM
26787 FDH 2x1x45/49 3000 Start
26787-368 FDH 2x1x45/49 3000 Start DALI/Phase-pulse
26787-436 FDH 2x1x45/49 3000 Start DALI/DSI/switchDIM
26788 FDH 1x45/49 1500 Continuous
26788-368 FDH 1x45/49 1500 Continuous DALI/Phase-pulse
26788-436 FDH 1x45/49 1500 Continuous DALI/DSI/switchDIM
26789 FDH 2x1x45/49 3000 Continuous
26789-368 FDH 2x1x45/49 3000 Continuous DALI/Phase-pulse
26789-436 FDH 2x1x45/49 3000 Continuous DALI/DSI/switchDIM
26838 FDH 1x25/28 1200 Start
26838-368 FDH 1x25/28 1200 Start DALI/Phase-pulse
26838-436 FDH 1x25/28 1200 Start DALI/DSI/switchDIM
26839 FDH 1x25/28 1200 Continuous
26839-368 FDH 1x25/28 1200 Continuous DALI/Phase-pulse
26839-436 FDH 1x25/28 1200 Continuous DALI/DSI/switchDIM
26848 FDH 1x32/35 1500 Start
26848-368 FDH 1x32/35 1500 Start DALI/Phase-pulse
26848-436 FDH 1x32/35 1500 Start DALI/DSI/switchDIM
26849 FDH 1x32/35 1500 Continuous
26849-368 FDH 1x32/35 1500 Continuous DALI/Phase-pulse
26849-436 FDH 1x32/35 1500 Continuous DALI/DSI/switchDIM
26858 FDH 2x1x21 1800 Start
26858-368 FDH 2x1x21 1800 Start DALI/Phase-pulse
26858-436 FDH 2x1x21 1800 Start DALI/DSI/switchDIM
26859 FDH 2x1x21 1800 Continuous
26859-368 FDH 2x1x21 1800 Continuous DALI/Phase-pulse
26859-436 FDH 2x1x21 1800 Continuous DALI/DSI/switchDIM
26868 FDH 2x1x25/28 2400 Start
26868-368 FDH 2x1x25/28 2400 Start DALI/Phase-pulse
26868-436 FDH 2x1x25/28 2400 Start DALI/DSI/switchDIM
26869 FDH 2x1x25/28 2400 Continuous
26869-368 FDH 2x1x25/28 2400 Continuous DALI/Phase-pulse
26869-436 FDH 2x1x25/28 2400 Continuous DALI/DSI/switchDIM
26878 FDH 2x1x32/35 3000 Start
26878-368 FDH 2x1x32/35 3000 Start DALI/Phase-pulse
26878-436 FDH 2x1x32/35 3000 Start DALI/DSI/switchDIM
26879 FDH 2x1x32/35 3000 Continuous
26879-368 FDH 2x1x32/35 3000 Continuous DALI/Phase-pulse
26879-436 FDH 2x1x32/35 3000 Continuous DALI/DSI/switchDIM
26898 FDH 1x21 900 Start
26898-368 FDH 1x21 900 Start DALI/Phase-pulse
26898-436 FDH 1x21 900 Start DALI/DSI/switchDIM
26899 FDH 1x21 900 Continuous
26899-368 FDH 1x21 900 Continuous DALI/Phase-pulse
26899-436 FDH 1x21 900 Continuous DALI/DSI/switchDIM


Name Description Art.No.
Name Description Art.No.
emLED-unitemLED-unit for direct lighting luminaire, L=210 mm92466
End-cap Notor T5End-cap with hole for surface mounted cable to ceiling luminaire/each92465
L-coupler for luminaire surface mountedL-coupler left surface mounted92448
L-coupler for luminaire surface mountedL-coupler right surface mounted92449