Wall 1

A wall-mounted luminaire for indirect lighting in three sizes.


2 securing holes.


Snap-in terminal block 5x2.5 mm². 1-phase through-wiring possible with recessed cable.


Luminaire body in structured white (RAL 9016) or structured grey (RAL 9006) sheet metal. HDG has partially blasted protective glass.


Asymmetrical reflector made of metallised aluminium with excellent reflection characteristics (> 92 %).

Designed by

Claesson Koivisto Rune.


Central, surface mounted mains cable possible from above, no onward connector.


Wall is a complete series of wall luminaires. The design is grounded on precision and meticulous accuracy in every detail; the angles seamlessly interlock without signs of manufacturing producing a luminaire of classic...

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Art.no. Light source Effect, W Length, mm Colour Light control
Art.no. Light source Effect, W Length, mm Colour Light control
64400 FSQ-E 1x26 250 White
64401 FSQ-E 1x26 250 Alu grey
64404 HDG 1x230 250 White
64405 HDG 1x230 250 Alu grey
64410 FSM-E 1x32 300 White
64411 FSM-E 1x32 300 Alu grey
64413 FSM-E 1x42 300 White
64413-436 FSM-E 1x42 300 White DALI/DSI/switchDIM
64414 FSM-E 1x42 300 Alu grey
64414-436 FSM-E 1x42 300 Alu grey DALI/DSI/switchDIM
64420 FSM-E 1x57 350 White
64420-368 FSM-E 1x57 350 White DALI/Phase-pulse
64421 FSM-E 1x57 350 Alu grey
64421-368 FSM-E 1x57 350 Alu grey DALI/Phase-pulse


Name Description Art.No.
Name Description Art.No.
Dust coverDust cover for 1x26 W FSQ-E94975
Dust coverDust cover for 1x32/42 W FSM-E94976
Dust coverDust cover for 1x57 W FSM-E94977

1x32/42 W, FSM-E

1x57 W, FSM-E