Tibi Pendant

A round beam decorative luminaire in three sizes for entrances and stairwells, for example. Also available with Tunable White for dynamic lighting.


Two-point suspension, c/c 55–78 mm.


Snap-in terminal block 5x2.5 mm², 1-phase through-wiring possible. Wire length 2.5 m and a 2.5 m white fabric cord. Surface mounted cable possible. Height adjustment is done on the luminaire via a friction lock.


Diffuser in specular opal acrylic. Luminaire body and decorative edge ring in aluminium. Decorative edge ring enameled in glossy black (RAL 9005) or clear enamelled brushed aluminium. Colour-coordinated ceiling cup.


DALI/Phase-pulse control as standard.


A cut-out in the ceiling cup is made using cutters 94248 for a surface mounted mains cable.

Luminaires with Tunable White (2700-6500 K) are equipped with DALI device Type 8 driver


Colour-coordinated ceiling cup attached by magnet without visible screws.

Excess wire is inserted into the void in the casting.


Tibi produces a crisp, radiant light, floating in the space with its distinct form. Its classical super ellipse shape is maximised with advanced LED technology to create a stunning light experience. Its extensive range includes...

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Luminaires with Tunable White are listed with values for 4000 K.


Art.no. Lumen output CCT, K Diameter, mm Colour Light control Miscellaneous
Art.no. Lumen output CCT, K Diameter, mm Colour Light control Miscellaneous
54790-402 1790 4000 400 Brushed aluminium DALI/Phase-pulse
54791-402 5820 4000 600 Brushed aluminium DALI/Phase-pulse
54792-402 6990 4000 800 Brushed aluminium DALI/Phase-pulse
54793-402 1790 4000 400 Black DALI/Phase-pulse
54794-402 5820 4000 600 Black DALI/Phase-pulse
54795-402 6990 4000 800 Black DALI/Phase-pulse
55268-402 1700 3000 400 Brushed aluminium DALI/Phase-pulse
55269-402 5530 3000 600 Brushed aluminium DALI/Phase-pulse
55270-402 6640 3000 800 Brushed aluminium DALI/Phase-pulse
55271-402 1700 3000 400 Black DALI/Phase-pulse
55272-402 5530 3000 600 Black DALI/Phase-pulse
55273-402 6640 3000 800 Black DALI/Phase-pulse
55274 5120 4000 600 Brushed aluminium Tunable White
55275 5120 4000 600 Black Tunable White


Name Description Art.No.
Name Description Art.No.
CuttersCutters, each94248