Open Box

Open Box is a classic combination of direct and indirect light with a twist. Instead of enclosing the light sources in a conventional luminaire housing, the space between them is accentuated. The lower long side of the luminaire has been perforated so that the light forces its way through as small elements and illuminates the whole of the inner space.

Available in two lengths Open Box can be equipped with different types of louvre. The active Beta louvre is ideal for large, open plan areas where the risk of glare is greater. The unobtrusive Lamell louvre works well in smaller rooms and above individual workplaces.

 Open Box can be equipped with Fagerhult’s intelligent light control system e-Sense. The luminaires are supplied with their own sensor permitting each luminaire to think for itself, or act as one system.

 Open Box was presented with the “best of the best” honour by the German design competition the Red Dot Design Award in 2007 and was awarded the Design S/Swedish Design Award in 2008.


Open Box Beta

Open Box Lamell

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