Multilume is Fagerhult’s extensive family of LED luminaires for recessed mounting in suspended ceilings. Choose from different light experiences and shapes and let your own taste and preference determine the impression. With Multilume you can create a room with completely level surfaces or with dynamic shapes which do not dictate where the furnishing goes.

This is a family with lots of different personalities. Multilume Flat has a completely level smooth surface which follows the surface of the ceiling, resulting in a stylish and discreet appearance. Multilume Flow, on the other hand, is an optical illusion. Seen from below, the luminaire is completely level and square, but at a distance it changes shape and the light appears to flow out of it. Multilume Edge and Dropped are characterised by level surfaces which descend from the ceiling, resulting in exciting effects and a pleasant ambient light.

Multilume’s balanced work and general lighting delivers excellent light ergonomics, constantly updated with the latest LED technology. Choose from different lumen packages and tailor make your projects light levels. The luminaires are also suitable for daylight sensing and room occupancy control.


Multilume Slim Delta

Multilume Slim Opal

Multilume Edge

Multilume Flow

Multilume Dropped

Multilume Flat Delta

Multilume Flat Opal

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