Indigo Clivus

A surface-mounted workplace luminaire with T5 that produces direct/indirect light. Beta louvres with direct light provide high efficiency and optimal lighting comfort.


Luminaire for surface mounting in suspended ceilings with visible T-bars or fixed ceilings (25 mm).


Terminal block 3x1.5 mm², 1-phase through-wiring possible. Luminaires for dimming, 5-way snap-in terminal block, 1-phase through-wiring possible.


Body and reflector of enamelled sheet steel with white (RAL 9003) structured finish.


Beta – double parabolic reflector louvre with satin matt metallised aluminium side and cross blades with excellent reflection characteristics (> 92 %), integrated into a single unit. The louvre remains attached when lowered. Earthed.

Emergency lighting

Some variants available with emLED.


Most models can also be equipped with other ballasts for dimming.
e-Sense ActiLume – PIR sensor with presence and daylight control via DALI.

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Also available in 32/35 W, special version. Can be equipped on special order with HF-ballasts for dimming. Indigo Clivus is designed to meet EN 12464-1 standards in some lamp options.

Indigo Clivus

The distinct design with unique wings gives Indigo Clivus its individual character. This striking visual expression and the excellent light treatment make Indigo Clivus an attractive option for many different lighting ...

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Filter Light source Effect, W Louvre Colour Light control Light source Effect, W Louvre Colour Light control
24481 FDH 1x13/14 Beta White
24481-368 FDH 1x13/14 Beta White DALI/Phase-pulse
24481-382 FDH 1x13/14 Beta White e-Sense ActiLume master
24481-436 FDH 1x13/14 Beta White DALI/DSI/switchDIM
24482 FDH 2x13/14 Beta White
24482-368 FDH 2x13/14 Beta White DALI/Phase-pulse
24482-436 FDH 2x13/14 Beta White DALI/DSI/switchDIM
24483 FDH 1x20/24 Beta White
24483-368 FDH 1x20/24 Beta White DALI/Phase-pulse
24483-436 FDH 1x20/24 Beta White DALI/DSI/switchDIM
24484 FDH 2x20/24 Beta White
24484-368 FDH 2x20/24 Beta White DALI/Phase-pulse
24484-436 FDH 2x20/24 Beta White DALI/DSI/switchDIM
24485 FDH 1x25/28 Beta White
24485-368 FDH 1x25/28 Beta White DALI/Phase-pulse
24485-382 FDH 1x25/28 Beta White e-Sense ActiLume master
24485-436 FDH 1x25/28 Beta White DALI/DSI/switchDIM
24486 FDH 2x25/28 Beta White
24486-368 FDH 2x25/28 Beta White DALI/Phase-pulse
24486-382 FDH 2x25/28 Beta White e-Sense ActiLume master
24486-436 FDH 2x25/28 Beta White DALI/DSI/switchDIM
24487 FDH 1x50/54 Beta White
24487-368 FDH 1x50/54 Beta White
24487-436 FDH 1x50/54 Beta White DALI/DSI/switchDIM
24488 FDH 2x50/54 Beta White
24488-368 FDH 2x50/54 Beta White DALI/Phase-pulse
24488-436 FDH 2x50/54 Beta White DALI/DSI/switchDIM


Name Description Art.No.
Name Description Art.No.
External sensor for e-Sense ActiLumeExternal sensor LRM811886152
Remote control for e-Sense ActiLumeRemote control86155
Surface-mounted box for e-Sense ActiLumeSurface-mounted box for LRM811886164
Wall panel for e-Sense ActiLume Wall panel IRT 805086151

1-lamp, 300x1200

2-lamp, 300x600

1-lamp, 300x600

2-lamp, 300x1200