Gaudi Circular

A suspended luminaire with minimal dimensions and opal louvres. Inspired by classical architectural shapes for guest reception offices and conference areas.


Two-point fixing for besa box or surface mounting. Wire suspension 2.0 m with ceiling cup and integrated friction lock for height adjustment. Recessed ceiling cup available as accessory. Mounting plate should be used for recessed installation.


LED luminaire equipped with three 2.0 m wires, of which two feed the luminaire. Ceiling cup with snap-in terminal block 5x2.5 mm². Driver included in ceiling cup. Surface mounted mains cable possible.


Body of spun aluminium, opal acrylic cover, metal ceiling cup. White (RAL 9016) structured or black (RAL 9005) structured finish.


DALI/Pahse-pulse control as standard.

Фото и видео

The pendant length is adjusted via a wire lock in the ceiling cup.


В Gaudi новые технологии заключены в оболочку неподвластной времени элегантности. Gaudi – это подвесной светильник, разработанный на основе светодиодной технологии.

Светодиодный источник света предоставляет уникальные...

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Артикул Вт лм CCT, K Цвет Диаметр, мм Контроль освещения
Артикул Вт лм CCT, K Цвет Диаметр, мм Контроль освещения
54513-402 35 2766 4000 White 700 DALI/Phase-pulse
54514-402 35 1694 4000 Black 700 DALI/Phase-pulse
54515-402 35 2710 3000 White 700 DALI/Phase-pulse
54516-402 35 1660 3000 Black 700 DALI/Phase-pulse

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Наименование Description
Name Description Art.No.
Встроенная потолочная чашкаRecessed ceiling cup, white94042
Встроенная потолочная чашкаRecessed ceiling cup, black94043
Монтажная пластинаMounting plate for soft tile ceilings96805