DTI type 1 Beta

A ceiling-mounted workplace luminaire with T5. Beta louvres provide high efficiency and optimal lighting comfort.


Surface mounted.


Connections are made at the end of the luminaire and are concealed by the end-cap, with the option of cable entry via the end-caps and centre of the luminaire. 5-way snap-in terminal blocks at each short end with the possibility of 1-phase through-wiring – excluding luminaires supplied with e-Sense.


Body of enamelled sheet steel in white (RAL 9016) finish. End-caps of polypropylene plastic.


Beta – double parabolic reflector louvre with satin matt metallised aluminium side and cross-blades with excellent reflection characteristics (> 92 %), integrated into a single unit. The louvre remains attached when opened. Earthed.


The louvre acts as a reflector, the luminaire is also equipped with a top reflector.

Light distribution


Emergency lighting

Some models are available with emLED positioned in the first cell on the louvre. Read more about emLED in Emergency Lighting.


Most models can also be equipped with other ballasts for dimming.
e-Sense ActiLume – PIR sensor with presence and daylight control via DALI.

e-Sense BrightSwitch –PIR-sensor med luxtærskel. Bevægelsesmelder tænd/sluk eller fraværsdæmpning høj/lav.

e-Sense Connect – presence and daylight control. Sensor luminaires with PIR sensor. RF communications via controller.

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With its three combinations of direct and indirect light distributions, DTI is well suited to a range of office and public environments. From installation to on-going ergonomics and energy efficiency, DTI delivers value...

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Art.no. Light source Effect, W Louvre Light control Miscellaneous
Art.no. Light source Effect, W Louvre Light control Miscellaneous
28801 FDH 1x13/14 Beta 1-cell
28801-368 FDH 1x13/14 Beta DALI/Phase-pulse 1-cell
28801-436 FDH 1x13/14 Beta DALI/DSI/switchDIM 1-cell
28802 FDH 2x13/14 Beta 1-cell
28802-368 FDH 2x13/14 Beta DALI/Phase-pulse 1-cell
28802-436 FDH 2x13/14 Beta DALI/DSI/switchDIM 1-cell
28807 FDH 1x25/28 Beta 1-cell
28807-368 FDH 1x25/28 Beta DALI/Phase-pulse 1-cell
28807-382 FDH 1x25/28 Beta e-Sense ActiLume master 1-cell
28807-436 FDH 1x25/28 Beta DALI/DSI/switchDIM 1-cell
28808 FDH 2x25/28 Beta 1-cell
28808-368 FDH 2x25/28 Beta DALI/Phase-pulse 1-cell
28808-382 FDH 2x25/28 Beta e-Sense ActiLume master 1-cell
28808-427 FDH 2x25/28 Beta e-Sense Connect 1-cell
28808-428 FDH 2x25/28 Beta e-Sense Connect sensor 1-cell
28808-436 FDH 2x25/28 Beta DALI/DSI/switchDIM 1-cell
28808-517 FDH 2x25/28 Beta e-Sense BrightSwitch on/off 1-cell
28809 FDH 1x32/35 Beta 1-cell
28809-368 FDH 1x32/35 Beta DALI/Phase-pulse 1-cell
28809-382 FDH 1x32/35 Beta e-Sense ActiLume master 1-cell
28809-436 FDH 1x32/35 Beta DALI/DSI/switchDIM 1-cell
28809-517 FDH 1x32/35 Beta e-Sense BrightSwitch on/off 1-cell
28810 FDH 2x32/35 Beta 1-cell
28810-368 FDH 2x32/35 Beta DALI/Phase-pulse 1-cell
28810-382 FDH 2x32/35 Beta e-Sense ActiLume master 1-cell
28810-427 FDH 2x32/35 Beta e-Sense Connect 1-cell
28810-428 FDH 2x32/35 Beta e-Sense Connect sensor 1-cell
28810-436 FDH 2x32/35 Beta DALI/DSI/switchDIM 1-cell
28810-517 FDH 2x32/35 Beta e-Sense BrightSwitch on/off 1-cell
28813 FDH 1x45/49 Beta 1-cell
28813-368 FDH 1x45/49 Beta DALI/Phase-pulse 1-cell
28813-436 FDH 1x45/49 Beta DALI/DSI/switchDIM 1-cell
28814 FDH 2x45/49 Beta 1-cell
28814-368 FDH 2x45/49 Beta DALI/Phase-pulse 1-cell
28814-436 FDH 2x45/49 Beta DALI/DSI/switchDIM 1-cell
28815 FDH 1x50/54 Beta 1-cell
28815-368 FDH 1x50/54 Beta DALI/Phase-pulse 1-cell
28815-436 FDH 1x50/54 Beta DALI/DSI/switchDIM 1-cell
28816 FDH 2x50/54 Beta 1-cell
28816-368 FDH 2x50/54 Beta DALI/Phase-pulse 1-cell
28816-436 FDH 2x50/54 Beta DALI/DSI/switchDIM 1-cell
28817 FDH 1x73/80 Beta 1-cell
28817-368 FDH 1x73/80 Beta DALI/Phase-pulse 1-cell
28817-436 FDH 1x73/80 Beta DALI/DSI/switchDIM 1-cell
28818 FDH 2x73/80 Beta 1-cell
28835 FDH 2x25/28 Beta 2-cell
28835-368 FDH 2x25/28 Beta DALI/Phase-pulse 2-cell
28835-382 FDH 2x25/28 Beta e-Sense ActiLume master 2-cell
28835-436 FDH 2x25/28 Beta DALI/DSI/switchDIM 2-cell
28836 FDH 2x32/35 Beta 2-cell
28836-368 FDH 2x32/35 Beta DALI/Phase-pulse 2-cell
28836-382 FDH 2x32/35 Beta e-Sense ActiLume master 2-cell
28836-436 FDH 2x32/35 Beta DALI/DSI/switchDIM 2-cell
28971 FDH 1x25/28 Beta 1-cell, asymmetrical
28971-368 FDH 1x25/28 Beta DALI/Phase-pulse 1-cell, asymmetrical
28971-436 FDH 1x25/28 Beta DALI/DSI/switchDIM 1-cell, asymmetrical
28972 FDH 1x32/35 Beta 1-cell, asymmetrical
28972-368 FDH 1x32/35 Beta DALI/Phase-pulse 1-cell, asymmetrical
28972-436 FDH 1x32/35 Beta DALI/DSI/switchDIM 1-cell, asymmetrical
28973 FDH 1x45/49 Beta 1-cell, asymmetrical
28973-368 FDH 1x45/49 Beta DALI/Phase-pulse 1-cell, asymmetrical
28973-436 FDH 1x45/49 Beta DALI/DSI/switchDIM 1-cell, asymmetrical
28974 FDH 1x50/54 Beta 1-cell, asymmetrical
28974-436 FDH 1x50/54 Beta DALI/DSI/switchDIM 1-cell, asymmetrical


Name Description Art.No.
Name Description Art.No.
Connection cable for controller for e-Sense ConnectConnection cable between control unit and controller to e-Sense Connect86303
Controller for e-Sense ConnectControl unit to e-Sense Connect86300
External sensor for e-Sense ActiLumeExternal sensor LRM811886152
Remote control e-Sense BrightSwitchRemote control86359
Remote control for e-Sense ActiLumeRemote control86155
Remote control for e-Sense ConnectRemote control (for grouping) to e-Sense Connect86301
Surface-mounted box for e-Sense ActiLumeSurface-mounted box for LRM811886164
Wall panel for e-Sense ActiLume Wall panel IRT 805086151

2-lamp, 1-cell

1-lamp, 1-cell

2-lamp, 2-cell