AllFive Opal

A universal luminaire with T5, developed for industrial use with IP 44 to withstand moisture and mechanical stress. AllFive is just as suitable for garages and culverts as laundry rooms and kitchens.


Surface mounted, cable wire, wire suspension or horizontally on a wall. Installation using the seal supplied with the luminaire provides protection classification IP 44. With wall mounting or installation without seals the luminaire is classified IP 40. Single lamp luminaires are not balanced therefore cable wire installations should be avoided.


Four Ø 19 mm access holes with blanking grommets on top of the luminaire and one Ø 16 mm knock-out in each end. The centrally positioned snap-in terminal block 5x2.5 mm² provides through-wiring. The luminaire is also available with 5x1.5 mm² through-wiring and snap-in terminal blocks at each end (-143).


Body in white enamelled, corrosion resistant aluzinc (RAL 9016). End-caps of ASA plastic.


Opal cover of extruded acrylic plastic.

Emergency lighting

AllFive with emLED available in 1x25/28 W and 1x32/35 W. For further information on emLED please refer to the Emergency Lighting chapter. When the seal supplied with the luminaire is used, the protection classification is IP 23. Without seals the luminaire is classified IP 20.


e-Sense Detect – microwave sensors with lux threshold. Presence control on/off via relay or high/low, alternatively high/low/off via DALI.
e-Sense Move – microwave sensors with lux threshold. Presence control high/low/off. All luminaires have master/slave functionality with RF communications.


Installation using the supplied seal, gives classification IP 44.

Ceiling bracket for flexible c/c available as accessories.


AllFive is a universal luminaire which is just as suitable for garages and conduits as laundry rooms and kitchens. The neat and carefully thought-out design hides the fact that this is a luminaire which has been developed for...

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Filter Light source Effect, W Colour Light control Miscellaneous Light source Effect, W Colour Light control Miscellaneous
33411 FDH 1x13/14 White
33411-143 FDH 1x13/14 White Through-wiring 5x1.5 mm²
33412 FDH 2x13/14 White
33412-143 FDH 2x13/14 White Through-wiring 5x1.5 mm²
33413 FDH 1x25/28 White
33413-143 FDH 1x25/28 White Through-wiring 5x1.5 mm²
33413-203 FDH 1x25/28 White Integrated emLED (self-test)
33414 FDH 2x25/28 White
33414-143 FDH 2x25/28 White Through-wiring 5x1.5 mm²
33414-469 FDH 2x25/28 White e-Sense Detect on/off
33415 FDH 1x32/35 White
33415-143 FDH 1x32/35 White Through-wiring 5x1.5 mm²
33415-203 FDH 1x32/35 White Integrated emLED (self-test)
33416 FDH 2x32/35 White
33416-143 FDH 2x32/35 White Through-wiring 5x1.5 mm²
33416-469 FDH 2x32/35 White e-Sense Detect on/off
33417 FDH 1x45/49 White
33417-143 FDH 1x45/49 White Through-wiring 5x1.5 mm²
33419 FDH 2x45 White
33419-143 FDH 2x45 White Through-wiring 5x1.5 mm²


Name Description Art.No.
Name Description Art.No.
iTrack connector, pendantConnector, pendant with 2,5 m cable, white78244
iTrack luminaire fixing iTrack luminaire fixing (pair), white78257
Shelter bracketShelter bracket/pair 91210
Spare coverOpal 14W90315
Spare coverOpal 28W90316
Spare coverOpal 35/49W90317
Wall bracketL=150 mm (apiece)91508
Wire suspensionWire suspension parallel wires incl. friction locks/pair 90305