Start of e-Sense ActiLume installation

To start an e-Sense ActiLume installation is easy – insert the plug!

e-Sense ActiLume has a factory setting that automatically sets the lighting level, however, it should be adapted to reflect the lighting requirements for the room in which its installed. NOTE! Avoid the influence of daylight when doing this!

Press the service button for more than 3 seconds (the fluorescent lamps flash once). After 30 seconds the adjustment is complete (the fluorescent lamp flashes again). The delay of 30 seconds is to permit the removal of objects, such a step ladders, which may interfere with the sensor recognising the work surface.


e-Sense ActiLume adjusts the light level automatically to approximately 80 % of the new light value. This corresponds to about 600 lx (500 lx + 0.8 maintenance factor) on the work surface in an office with the normal placement of the luminaire. Adjustment to 80 % is as the new, maintained, light level is usually higher than the normal value. You already make savings with this setting.

You can easily choose one of two standard functions by pressing the sensor unit’s service button (press for less than 3 seconds). When the button is released, the fluorescent lamps indicate by flashing once or twice:

  • One flash = “Mode 1” Office room (light switched off approx. 15 minutes after the last occupancy detection).
  • Two flashes = “Mode 2” Open-plan office (light control adjusts down to a low level after the last occupancy and is switched off completely after 2 hours).

Manual control

A non-locking switch can be connected to the manual light control, quickly pressing for on/off. Pressing and holding provides a dimmer function.