Bernhoven hospital

A new way to cure and care

The patient is central at the new Bernhoven hospital and the colourful, close to nature interior gives a calm feeling for both patients and staff. The lighting from Fagerhult provides comfortable light, which is a result of close collaboration between installers, architects and construction managers.


In 2009 Fagerhult started to work with Kuijpers installation to plan the new Bernhoven hospital. The patient’s needs were central to the project, with a décor inspired by a sense of security and trust, in an effort to achieve faster recovery times. The beautiful photos of nature on the walls and its colourful interior bring a calm feeling to this healing environment. The interior is more like that of a hotel situated close to nature in a wooded area.

The account manager Ruud Hoetmer at Fagerhult worked closely together with Kuijpers, interior architects and the construction management to tailor the lighting according to the construction philosophy.


Lighting comfort for well being

The patient’s room plays an important role when it comes to their recovery and well being. Much attention has been put on lighting comfort in these rooms. Each patient can regulate the type of light through a remote control by the bed.

The bed head units are specially designed Triple YouYou with T5 of 39 W/24 W. It is a practical and attractive fixture that provides a soft direct and indirect light. An additional arm mounted reading light with LED is also installed to the fixture.

The downlight Pleiad SLD provides general light at the foot of each bed and is completed with a table light.

The important corridors

In hospitals a lot of time can be spent in the corridors; they are often a waiting area, which is why corridor lighting is an important factor. The general light is produced by the popular downlight series Pleiad and it is complemented by decorative light lines from Notor in the stairwells and elevator lobbies.

A variety of general light

Fagerhult have a wide range of general lighting for different areas, a variety of which has been used in Bernhoven, specifically in communication areas and in patient rooms. The recessed Recesso with daylightsensor, the round Pozzo and the clean design of square and rectangular shaped Indigo Ed2 and Indigo Combo Delta.

Wall luminaires and downlights are harmonised with the colourful interior all over the complex, from corridors and meeting rooms to the staff dining rooms. The pendant Avion gives a comfortable work light over the reception desks at various departments.



Closs is a series of compact, decorative luminaires, boasting exceptional efficiency. Their slender measurements and square angles reflect a neat minimalist style, making Closs the given choice in rooms where you aim for simplicity in design. The...

Indigo Ed2

The clean, simple design of Indigo Ed2 makes a clear statement. Indigo Ed2 is the only luminaire in the Indigo concept with a predominantly indirect light distribution, offering a high degree of visual comfort within the room. The Indigo Ed2 luminaires...

Indigo Combo

The uncomplicated and clean recessed design, combined with high efficiency and technical performance, allows Indigo Combo to create comfortable environments. Indigo Combo is available in square or rectangular designs and in two sizes with one or two...

MultiFive Basic

MultiFive Basic is a series of luminaires for recessed mounting. The range is the result of an ambition to combine function, efficiency and good design in a high-quality unit. The name MultiFive Basic derives from the various possibilities its design...


Simplicity is not easy. Frequently it is the standard solutions that have to satisfy the most stringent requirements on economy and flexibility. Recesso has been optimised for recess mounting in suspended ceilings with visible T-bars. A unique design...


Avion has a delicate beauty masking a robust design. An elegant flow of light which creates an impression of weightlessness, designed to act as a striking solitary luminaire, or to form a system where its long dimensions create a fascinating linear...

Pleiad SLD G2

Pleiad SLD G2’s advanced light properties make it an ideal solution for light planning with downlights. Equipped with Fagerhult’s SLD reflector it combines flexibility with optimal light treatment. The balanced and glare-free light is well suited to both...

Multilume Hydro G2

Environments with stringent hygiene requirements must also have highly effective lighting and Multilume Hydro was specifically developed to address these needs. Not only does it provide professional work lighting, it also simplifies maintenance as it’s...


Kaptur is a capped industrial luminaire that fit well in harsh and cold environments. With protection class IP 67, the fitting is an excellent choice for garages or underground corridors. Its LED solution provides easy maintenance and makes Kaptur LITE...


Pozzo is a little piece of the sky, bringing the feeling of daylight into spaces where there may be limited access to the real thing. Its design was inspired by natural light and with a number of different sizes available, there is the scope to create...

Pleiad Compact G2

Pleiad Compact G2 is a quick-to-install downlight that combines minimal dimensions with exceptional lighting comfort. Pleiad Compact G2 is ideal for limited inset depths and has extensive horizontal flexibility. In shopping centres, exhibition halls,...

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