Culture house Spira

Brilliant light art in a play with function

The new landmark in the city of Jönköping is the culture house Spira. Fagerhult’s light adorns the building in the shapes of extraordinary light art in the entrance and about 2300 luminaires around the building.


This 15 000 square meter big centre of culture has four stages and can receive up to 1700 visitors. Spira is the house that gathers the culture in the region with different types of performing arts on its repertoire, from theatre and dance to classical music and jazz.

House inspired by glassmaking

The famous Swedish architect office Wingårdh is one of the architects that have given the building its spectacular form. The building, that is covered in glass, is inspired by the long tradition of glassmaking in the region.


When entering this exceptional building you are greeted by four pieces of magnificent light art. It is the Spiralamp designed by Ingegerd Råman.

Simplified light lines

Fagerhult worked together with the designer to create the construction of the four pieces.

The challenge was to achieve the simplicity of the light lines, says Istvan Magyarovari, Engineering Designer at Fagerhult.

The lines were created with innovative LED-solutions and an optic method that makes the light reflect in the plexiglass.

With this solution the light blends in naturally in the fittings and it also unable us to look directly at the source of light, concludes Istvan.

A range of functional light

It takes knowledge and a variety of products to illuminate a building with many areas of use. Fagerhult has a long experience in finding the right light for different areas. Spira has about 2300 pieces from Fagerhult installed. They illuminate all the way from the office, storage and restrooms to corridors and facade – which complete this play of light.


Basic T5

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