Boux Avenue

Light that blends in

Businessman, TV personality and retail guru Theo Paphitis has officially launched his new lingerie brand, Boux Avenue, with six stores opening across the UK. Ink Associates were the appointed interior designers and, with a brief to provide an interior inspired by art deco design and a monochrome colour palette, turned to Fagerhult for a lighting concept to complement this interior.


Boux Avenue have opened stores in Bluewater, Lakeside, Sheffield, Glasgow, Manchester and Cardiff. Whilst the store environment had to be luxurious and spectacular, the lamp technology had to be energy efficient and long-lasting, with the fixtures blending in to the store environment rather than being a focal point of the store.


Pleiad Power Flex* using both 20 W and 35 W CDM-Tm lamps were used in the store, combined with a mixture of 22 and 37 degree beam angle reflectors.

Visual appearance

In the windows, the Catwalk Midi with 35 W CDM-Tc lamps were chosen not only for their excellent performance but also for their visual appearance. With the added barn doors, the Catwalk Midi’s offer a ‘theatre-like’ visual appearance that suits the dramatic front facade and window displays perfectly.

Effective switching solution

Ink required a changeable lighting solution for the fitting rooms to allow customers to choose between ‘day’, ‘dusk’ and ‘night’ settings, depending on the products they wished to try on. Using a simple but effective switching solution, Fagerhult provided products that perfectly suited this requirement.

‘Halo’ lighting effect

Sleeved-Thinlite T5 fluorescent fixtures were installed around the mirrors to provide a ‘halo’ lighting effect and this was supported by Pleiad SLD 2x17 W downlights, Easy 50 W halogen spotlights and bespoke sconce lights to create the desired lighting effects for each setting.

Exit signs

Emergency lighting was provided by the discreet use of Fagerhult’s emLED and exLED Viva for exit signage.

Encourages customers to stay

The result is a store that offers an intimate, subtle lighting effect that encourages customers to stay, explore and enjoy the sumptuous surroundings. As the fixtures are directional and were carefully commissioned by Fagerhult to perfectly accent light the product, the ambient light level is sufficiently low as to allow the digital media used throughout the store to shine.

* This luminaire is no longer in production. Please see Noc G2.



Easy produkowana z odlewu aluminiowego jest bardzo łatwa w montażu w większości sufitów podwieszanych. Dostępna w białym lub aluminiowo-szarym kolorze każdy w trzech wariantach: jeden stały i dwa ruchome. Wersje ruchome mogą być wychylne w zakresach:...


Nowa technologia w oświetleniu awaryjnym Firma Fagerhult opracowała nowe rozwiązanie oświetlenia awaryjnego. W trybie awaryjnym zastosowano białą diodę o wysokiej intensywności światła. Stwarza to zupełnie nowe warunki dla rozwiązań instalacji awaryjnej w...


exLED to wspólna nazwa asortymentu nowoczesnych opraw informacyjnych Fagerhult. Oferujemy dwa modele, exLED ViVa i exLED 4. Wspólną cechą tych modeli jest to, że wykorzystują zalety diod świecących: długą żywotność i niewielki wymiar. Wszystkie...

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