Pleiad Robust G3

A downlight with protection class IK10 that produces light and feeling of security. Ring protection secured with security screws to prevent access.


Recessed mounting in unventilated or ventilated ceilings. Assembly springs for quick, tool-free installation included. An assembly plate should be used when installing in soft tile ceilings. The driver box can be detached for flexible installation. The luminaire must not be covered with insulation. For further details please refer to the assembly instructions on our website.


Connections are made to an independent LED driver. The luminaire is delivered with interconnecting cable.


Luminaire body in black cast aluminium. Two-part visible decor ring in aluminium. The luminaire has durable PETG plates in the light openings between the rings. The luminaire and the rings are locked using tamper-proof torx screws.


Reflector in matt anodised aluminium. Specular metallised Advanced Anti-Glare Control ring above the LED module.


The luminaire provides the highest mechanical protection beneath international classification IK10. Enclosure class IP 64 beneath suspended ceilings and IP 20 above suspended ceilings. Class III applies to the luminaire body only. The supplied driver is Class II but should be connected to a  functional Earth.

For loads in the suspended ceiling system, follow the selected suspended ceiling supplier’s recommendation.

Luminaires with Tunable White (2700-6500 K) are equipped with DALI device Type 8 driver.


The light source is protected by a clear plastic PEGT plate which is held by an inner ring.

The ring is mounted using tamper-proof torx security screws.

Pleiad G3

Pleiad G3 is the third generation of Fagerhult's successful downlight range - now equipped with LED. In common with its predecessors, the focus was placed upon perfect light treatment, quick installation and efficiency. In G3...

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Luminaires with Tunable White are listed with values for 4000 K.

Filter Lumen output CCT, K Light control Miscellaneous Lumen output CCT, K Light control Miscellaneous
76550 1538 4000 Wallwasher, Tunable White
77425 785 3000 Comfort
77425-402 785 3000 DALI/Phase-pulse Comfort
77426 791 4000 Comfort
77426-402 791 4000 DALI/Phase-pulse Comfort
77427 1579 3000 Comfort
77427-402 1579 3000 DALI/Phase-pulse Comfort
77428 1498 4000 Comfort
77428-402 1498 4000 DALI/Phase-pulse Comfort
77429 812 3000 Compact
77429-402 812 3000 DALI/Phase-pulse Compact
77430 818 4000 Compact
77430-402 818 4000 DALI/Phase-pulse Compact
77431 1630 3000 Compact
77431-402 1630 3000 DALI/Phase-pulse Compact
77432 1543 4000 Compact
77432-402 1543 4000 DALI/Phase-pulse Compact

Matt reflector

Matt reflector