Diva II

Slim design and high light output.

A super slim cabinet display with LED that is dark spot free at the connection point. An aluminium housing with integrated magnets. There are several fitting options, including two different bracket types. The LED-stick is powered by a 24 V driver, ordered separately. The driver is equipped with cable, plug and a 6-way splitter to make the system an easy plug and play solution. Each LED stick line requires a mains cable. Diva LED stick can be easily connected, either together or by linking cable.


The luminaire must not be covered with insulation. For further details please refer to the assembly instructions.


Operating voltage 230V AC/24V DC.


L70 B50 40.000 h.
MacAdam 3.

Diva II

Diva II, is a slender luminaire that fits almost anywhere and is perfect for retail cabinet displays. Despite its slim design, it has a high light output – it also provides an even light, as it has the benefit of eliminating any...

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Art.no. Effect, W CCT, K Colour Length, mm
Art.no. Effect, W CCT, K Colour Length, mm
78778 3 3000 Aluminium 188
78779 3 4000 Aluminium 188
78780 4 3000 Aluminium 280
78781 7 3000 Aluminium 560
78782 7 4000 Aluminium 560
78783 11 3000 Aluminium 840
79332 4 4000 Aluminium 280
79333 11 4000 Aluminium 840


Nazwa Opis Art.no.
Name Description Art.No.
Installation accessoriesDiva II Power cable 2500 mm (between Diva II and 6-way distributor)79334
Installation accessoriesDiva II Mounting bracket97089
Linking cableDiva II Linking cable 150 mm78787
Linking cableDiva II Linking cable 300 mm78788
Linking cableDiva II Linking cable 600 mm78789
Linking cableDiva II Linking cable 1200 mm78790
Linking cableDiva II Linking cable 1800 mm78791