Nowy Styl

Eco, natural and inspiring

The office furniture company Nowy Styl’s new showroom showcases the modern office based on the key words eco, natural and inspiring, with lighting supplied by Fagerhult.


Why not build an office to showcase interior solutions that present both functional and inspirational office furniture? In September 2013 Nowy Styl finished their showroom with an organic concept where shades of white, green, grey, blue and brown colour contribute to the modern and elegant office building of today.

Every year Nowy Styl produces over 8 000 000 chairs and office furniture selling products to more than 60 countries around the world.

The unique, architect designed, open plan office with an outdoor terrace, contains the needs of the modern office, with integrated areas of informal meeting spots and communication zones, with a mix of more relaxed workstations as well as formal areas such as conference rooms.

The showroom project was nominated for Best Office Awards – 2014 by a popular Russian resource, OfficeNext.


The year 2013 brought a lot of new lighting concepts within Fagerhult and many of the fixtures, perfect for the office area, are utilised in this showroom, both for their functionality and their aesthetic design.

One of the latest fixtures is Appareo is featured over one of the office desks, it has an inspiring design made possible by side emitting diodes. Other decorative shapes are provided by the LED luminaires Gaudi and Tibi, both of which have truly clean and stylish profiles.

The lighting designs were produced by Fagerhult in Russia and all lighting is controlled by motion sensitive DALI which enhances the showroom experience.

Other functional yet very pleasant lighting solutions is provided by among others, surface mounted Pleiad downlights and the spotlight Marathon Midi LED.



The luminaire is lit but where is the light source? Appareo is a suspended luminaire which maximises the design flexibility offered by LED’s – without compromising on the requirements for efficiency and ergonomics. The starting point was a new type of...


To replicate the experience of being in daylight you need a luminaire that releases light from all direction. At the same time we should be able to influence the intensity of the light, since we all see in different ways and have different tasks to...

Closs Beta Direct/Indirect

Installation Wire suspension via wire lock secured directly on the luminaire. Balanced. Connection Two Ø 19 mm cable entries fitted with blanking grommets on the top of the luminaire, see dimension chart. 3-way snap-in terminal block at each end....

Avion 50

Installation Wire suspension via wire lock secured directly to the luminaire. Balanced. Connection Single installation – the luminaire is equipped with a 2.4 m mains cable 3x0.75 mm² and an earthed plug as standard. Luminaires ordered with switchDIM or...

Gaudi Linear

Installation Wire suspension. Ceiling bracket, friction lock and wire L=1.5 m, included with the luminaire. Connection The luminaire is supplied with transparent mains cable 3x0.75 mm² and ceiling cup with snap-in terminal block 3x2.5 mm². L=1.5 m....

Tibi Pendant

Installation Two-point suspension, c/c 55–78 mm. Connection Snap-in terminal block 5x2.5 mm², 1-phase through-wiring possible. Wire length 2.5 m and a 2.5 m white fabric cord. Surface mounted cable possible. Height adjustment is done on the luminaire via...

Pleiad SLD G2 205

Installation Suitable for recessed mounting in unventilated or ventilated ceilings. Light sources are fitted in the luminaire. Assembly springs for quick, tool-free installation included. An assembly plate should be used when installing in soft tile...

Pleiad Compact G2

Pleiad Compact G2 is a quick-to-install downlight that combines minimal dimensions with exceptional lighting comfort. Pleiad Compact G2 is ideal for limited inset depths and has extensive horizontal flexibility. In shopping centres, exhibition halls,...

Telescope Aqua

Installation Horizontal or vertical on a wall or ceiling. Protection class IP 44. Connection Snap-in terminal block 3x1,5mm². 1-phase through-wiring possible. Surface mounted mains cable possible. Design White body of extruded aluminium (RAL9016). White...

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