e-Sense Move system settings

All luminaires act as both master and slave and communicate with the luminaire(s) specified at start-up.

Settings are performed on the sensor unit in fixed positions for:

  • Sensitivity (of the sensor) 10–100 %.
  • Off delay to basic light level (duration the luminaire should be fully lit after detection) 5 sec. to 20 min.
  • Off delay to switch-off (duration the luminaire should be lit at the basic light level before it is switched off completely) 1–60 min.
  • Basic light level (light level setting on basic light).
  • Lit level (fully lit at 100 % or basic light level).

Luminaires with e-Sense Move come supplied with a default setting where the sensitivity of the sensor is set at 50 %. When the sensor receives an RF signal, the light level is switched to 20 % and, if movement is detected, to 100 %. The lighting remains on for a further

5 min, and if no further movement is detected, the light is then adjusted down to approx. 20 %. Once a further 10 mins. have passed, the sensor switches the luminaire off.