Stockholm : Sweden

Activage Centre

Stay fit and active

Activage Centre is Europe's first training concept completely developed for senior citizens –sociable as well as focused seniors who plan to remain active and to feel good for a long time to come. The most important thing for a healthy body and mind is to be a part of a community, keep the conversation going and not sit at home alone. At an Activage Centre the social interaction is just as important as the physical training.


SandellSandberg architect's designed the first centre in the Magnus Ladulåsgatan in Stockholm with a lot of specialised carpentry unique to Activage. The interior design concept is based on the coming together of innovation and tradition.

The supporting design elements are traditional Scandinavian design that meets a sporty, contemporary expression. Wood panelling and conifers plants with a clear connection to northern Sweden meets sports equipment like climbing ropes and clear primary colours.


A welcoming lounge meets the visitors with an updated rustic feeling and a lot of wood references both past and present. A stand out coffee station in yellow forms a natural centrepiece in the room. Here members can meet and socialize after training. Textiles in the sofa, armchairs and curtains draw parallels to the sports world with perforation and lightweight being the main characteristics. The lounge is lit with Pleiad Evo complemented with some more decorative light fittings including Fabian.

Lit with surface mounted Notors the gym area is bright and functional with clear directional markings on the floor. Specially made storage for equipment provide visibility and create order. At an Activage Centre the focus is on high-quality functional training with individual motor exercise. Activage Center is the natural meeting place for active seniors now and in the future. 



Fagerhults klassiske interiørarmatur Notor finnes i flere versjoner, for nedhengt, utenpåliggende eller innfelt montasje. Notor er et åpenbart valg når man ønsker lange, ubrutte lyslinjer. Diskré eller effektfullt – uttrykket er lett å variere etter...

Pleiad Evo

Pleiad Evo er det siste tilskuddet i Fagerhults suksessrike Pleiad-familie. Som alltid med Pleiad ligger fokus på perfekt lysbehandling, rask montasje og energieffektivitet. LED er overlegen når det gjelder både energi- og kostnadseffektivitet og derfor...


Fabian er en subtil retrodesign med nær tilknytning til Fagerhults innovative arv. Da den ble lansert i 1969 var Fabian Sveriges, kanskje verdens, første lampe noensinne lagd av plast. Den gjorde det svært bra og ble solgt i mer enn 4 millioner...