Larger contrasts to exclusive store

Rizzo is an exclusive shoe and- accessories brand situated in on one of the busiest streets in the centre of Gothenburg, Sweden. The lighting solution was planned and delivered by Fagerhult.


A lighting that would match the dark interior and exclusiveness of the store was requested. The fine interior combined with the black accentuating lighting created a trendy store environment that complemented the exclusive brand image in a perfect way.


Decorative décor frames was placed around two recessed ZoneSingle luminaires in black to create a more unique lighting design. The black luminaires in the white ceiling combined with the black interior gave a nice impression and brought larger contrasts in the shop. Now the ceiling got a more characteristic appearance.

Highlighting product

The ZoneSingle luminaires were aimed at the products highlighting them in a delicate way. One of the two luminaire was equipped with a narrow reflector and the other with a mediumsized reflector which created a more dynamic result.

Small and stylish luminaire Sinus

In the shop windows the small and stylish luminaire Sinus HCI in chrome was installed to illuminate the accessories and shoes. The low ceiling height made the petite Sinus HCI 20W a perfect choice.