e-Sense ActiLume accessories

IRT 8010 och IRT 8050

The units have only two buttons, one to switch on/increase the light level and one to switch off/reduce the light level. To adjust the light levels aim the transmitter towards the ActiLume sensor in the luminaire. 


The same control functions are offered by the transmitter IRT 8050 for fixed wall installation.

IRT 8099

Should you require a modified function, several modes can be programmed with the help of the remote control IRT 8099. The system comes with nine pre-programmed modes for e.g. schools, corridors, etc.


LRM 8118

If you wish to detect presence over a greater area, one or more detectors type LRM 8118 can be connected to one of the DALI terminals in the luminaire. No programming or commissioning is necessary. LRM 8118 is ideally placed in the ceiling, and has a detection area of approximately 7×7 metres. LRM 8118 is only an occupancy detector.