London : UK

Sutton Yard

A modern building in a trendy area requires a very special fitting

Nestled in the olden industrial heartland of London, Clerkenwell is now one of the trendiest neighbourhoods in the city, housing more architects and creative businesses than anywhere in the world. It is in this rich and diverse area that the Sutton Yard development is located.


Designed as a modern office space, Sutton Yard’s lighting scheme needed to mirror the history of the building and Clerkenwell itself – looking to the future while staying true to its industrial past. The brief demanded an energy efficient, minimalist light fitting that did not compromise on uniform light distribution and colour consistency, but that also offered optimum direct and indirect light through the use of the latest LED technology.


The client had a very clear vision, in terms of aesthetics, lighting quality and efficiency for the solution. To meet the demands Fagerhult took the task to develop a new product that met the needs for the project. The result is a specially designed fitting, Alfa.

The client was very pleased with the Alfa, as it retained the most loved Notor qualities, while offering increased efficiency, sufficient direct/indirect light distribution without glare as well as a clean, polished light output. Alfa is now in the Fagerhult standard range as Notor 78.


Notor 78

Installatie Voor installatie als solo armatuur of lijnmontage middels een kabelpendel en speciale beugel voor flexibele montage. Beugel wordt meegeleverd. Staaldraadophanging moet apart worden besteld. Aansluiting Startarmatuur wordt geleverd met 2,4 m...

Notor 60

Installatie Opbouwarmatuur (solo of lijn) voor montage tegen plafond. Ook als pendelarmatuur voor verlaagde ophanging met speciale beugels voor flexibele h-o-h afstand. Kan ook via wandconsole op de wand worden gemonteerd, zie accessoires. Aansluiting...

Pleiad G3

Pleiad G3 is de derde generatie van het succesvolle downlightprogramma van Fagerhult, nu met LED. Zoals altijd bij Pleiad ligt de focus op perfecte verlichting, snelle installatie en energiezuinigheid. LED heeft een aantal innovatieve oplossingen mogelijk...