Illuminating a large hypermarket

A big open skylight brings a pleasant natural daylight feel to the Globus store and is one of the solutions made to lower the energy consumption at this large hypermarket. For the lighting Globus wanted to align the emergency, general and setback light into one and the same system – and the flexible track system iTrack was chosen to fulfil those needs.


Globus is an international retail chain represented in Germany, Czech Republic and Russia and offers food, textile, construction material and other household items.

This big hypermarket of 12 600 m2 opened during autumn 2013 and has large bright premises with an open ceiling over the sales area and food court with a big skylight at the gallery allowing pleasant natural daylight.


Fagerhult created the lighting design and supplied lighting for the sales area, mall zone and food court. Over 3 500 meters of the flexible iTrack was used and the track system, which covers the whole sales area, was complimented with additional accent lighting from 70 W Zonepoint.

For energy efficiency the gallery’s large skylight is optimized with a daylight control system. Pleiad Comfort downlights with protection glass are used in the sales area and the workspace at the food court.

Delicious food applications

To illuminate the food section effectively, light sources using different colour temperatures as well as various accessories were used. For example, in the bread and cheese departments gold reflectors were used in the luminaires, to enhance the appearance of the foods on the display.

Special adapted solutions

The Fagerhult O.D.DTM luminaire wide beamed Line of 2x80 W was developed especially to give general light and connect to the emergency, general and setback lighting. A dimmable version of Whitecroft Atlanta luminaires was used in the open ceiling of the gallery area, combining an energy saving, multisensor and DIGIDIM (Helvar) system.

Restaurant lighting

The bistro was illuminated with a decorative general lighting fixture Teres Ceiling, accompanied by Pleiad downlights.

The luminaire Dome, with an opal shade, was placed at the entrance as well as the restaurant zone. As well as providing general lighting it also looks inviting from outside and therefore encourages people to come in.

The client is very satisfied with the result and will continue to use the concept for upcoming stores together with Fagerhult.



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Pleiad Comfort G2

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