Helsingborg : Sweden

Väla Gård, Skanska

A green model of the future office

In October 2012 the project development and construction group Skanska finished their greenest building ever. Their new local office in Helsingborg is built as an energy neutral building that is filled with Fagerhult’s latest LED luminaires.


Here is a preview of what future holds for modern offices – an energy neutral building with a holistic approach on construction, maintenance and lighting. This green initiative gave a top modern office for the Skanska operations in Helsingborg, Sweden. Väla Gård is from the 19th century and its new construction suits well into the historical surrounding.

The green ambition

Skanska’s ambition was to create an energy neutral building, which means that the building itself produces the energy it needs in a yearly basis. It has sun panels on the roofs, well-thought isolation and ventilation, geothermal heating and energy efficient lighting solutions.

The unique architecture is created by Tengbom architects. Every detail is thought of such as the use of recycled material and qualified lighting technique.

Väla Gård is now on its way to be certified with LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) in the highest level of Platinum. That is good for the people working in the building since studies shows LEED-certified surroundings increase productivity and makes people feel better.


Natural elements give the extra touch in the building, when entering the main entrance a great wall of vegetation greets the visitors, together with the natural light that shines through the big windows. The natural light is complimented with light lines of Notor and the LED pendant Freedom over the reception.

LED for general light and conference rooms

For open office spaces, Fagerhult have developed an effective recessed LED luminaire. Multilume Flat is amongst the first LED luminaires to be more efficient than its T5 equivalent – this became an excellent choice for the general light in office spaces and conference rooms.

Our latest LED edition of architectural light can also be found in the smaller conference rooms. It is the pendant Tibi that floats in the atmosphere like a tasteful pastille.

Light only when you need it

The whole building breaths smart lighting solutions. The natural daylight is well taken care of with daylight sensors. Following the motto, light when you need it, the light adjusts itself with presence detectors to the motion in the building.

With our intelligent lighting control e-Sense you can choose from different kind of ways to save on maintenance, energy and money. This is lighting solutions that goes hand in hand with the energy effective office of the future.




Tibi produces a crisp, radiant light, floating in the space with its distinct form. Its classical super ellipse shape is maximised with advanced LED technology to create a stunning light experience. Its extensive range includes ceiling and wall luminaires...


Sketch your own lines with light! Freedom is an innovative LED luminaire that makes it possible to create free forms suspended in the air, on the ceiling and on the wall. With the help of two modules, one straight and one curved, the luminaire can be...


Multilume is Fagerhult’s extensive family of LED luminaires for recessed mounting. Multilume’s balanced work and general lighting delivers excellent light ergonomics, constantly updated with the latest in LED technology. Multilume Flat delivers most...

Notor recessed

Fagerhult’s classic interior luminaire Notor is available in several versions for suspended, surface mounted or recessed installation. Notor is an obvious choice in contexts when there is a desire to create long, unbroken lines of light. Discreet or...


Avion has a delicate beauty masking a robust design. An elegant flow of light which creates an impression of weightlessness, designed to act as a striking solitary luminaire, or to form a system where its long dimensions create a fascinating linear...

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