Evaluation of a lighting system

Visual ergonomic aspects of the workplace’s design are important for a stimulating working environment. There is an excellent method called “visual evaluation” available to review and assess a room with an installed lighting system, which is simply based on describing what you see in the room.

Evaluate the room visually through its lighting system, colours and design. These factors affect each other and are difficult to assess individually. The room colours should not be distorted, and visual work should be possible without the discomfort of glare or reflections.

The room’s visual quality governs, to a large extent, your health and your performance capacity. It is therefore important that you do not completely rely on computer calculated results. Try to make a visual evaluation of your own workplace using the adjacent table.

Rank the opposite pairs on a scale of 1–5.

Light level – is it dark or light in the room? dark – light
Light distribution – how is the light distributed in the room? varied – equally
Light colour – is the light colour experienced as warm or cold? warm – cold
Colour – how are the colours and objects viewed? distorted – natural
Glare – does unpleasant glare occur? troublesome – not noticeable
Shadows – whether they are hard or soft? hard – soft
Reflections – whether they are intense or diffuse? intense – diffuse