London : UK

One Love Lane

Love is in the details

One Love Lane is 880 square meters of prominent, modern office building located on the junction of Love Lane and Aldermanbury in London and overlooks the gardens laid out in the historic remains of the Church of St Mary Aldermanbury.


The existing seven storey 1980’s building has been refurbished internally to become a boutique office building nestled in the City core. The exterior has been improved with remodelled bays and new glazing plus improvements to the ground floor reception area.

Visitors are met with a high quality remodelled ground floor entrance and the efficient office floors are bright and open with excellent natural light and stunning views over St Mary Aldermanbury Garden. 


Fagerhult was chosen to be the sole supplier for the project. In keeping with the clean, minimalistic modern look of the building the lighting in the office spaces consists of Fagerhults popular Notor fittings, both suspended and recessed. The recessed Notors were specially designed for the project. Notor is supplemented with down lighters in certain areas.

In the entrance the reception desk is lit with a product from one of the other companies in the Fagerhult Group. The whole project is controlled by DALI. 


Notor 78

Montage Designed for single or continuous installation via a wire pendent and special loops that give flexible c-c spacing. Special loops included in the delivery. Wires suspension are ordered separately. Connexion The start luminaire is supplied with 2,4...

Notor encastré

Le luminaire d'intérieur classique Notor de Fagerhult est disponible en plusieurs versions pour un montage suspendu, en saillie ou encastré. Notor représente un choix évident si l'on souhaite créer de longues lignes de lumière ininterrompues. Discrète ou...

Pleiad G3

Pleiad G3 est la troisième génération de la gamme de downlights désormais célèbre de Fagerhult. Comme toujours avec les luminaires de la série Pleiad, l'accent est mis sur un traitement lumineux parfait, une installation rapide et une grande efficacité...