Nortmoor/Leer : Germany

The Bünting Group

Lighting experience from appealing Appareo

The Bünting Group's new central building in Germany has about 400 workspaces over 16 000 square meters on three floors. Their office received a new lighting experience from 568 of Fagerhult's Appareo – one of the latest suspended LED luminaires for the workspace.


The Bünting Group is a trading company in the Northwest Germany. Following an extensive sampling process between many manufacturers LTS, a part of the Fagerhult Group, were chosen to deliver the lighting for The Bünting Group’s new central building in Nortmoor.

One of the most innovative luminaires in the Fagerhult’s LED portfolio was the chosen solution for the new office – 568 pieces of the suspended LED luminaire Appareo. It’s flexible design, offered by LEDs does not compromise on the office requirements for efficiency and ergonomics. Now they adorn the conference rooms and workspaces around the building.

With an emphasis on implementing a sustainable energy concept the efficient LED lighting from Appareo was complemented with automatic light controls.


Appareo is a slender, discreet and appealing suspended luminaire with a distinguished design for the workspace. When it is unlit it is completely transparent, when lit the LEDs positioned across the side of the luminaire brings the screen to life, giving a truly visual experience.

A prismatic acrylic diffuser acts both like reflector and louvre, which enables the light to be distributed indirectly towards the ceiling and directly towards the work surface – at the same time, providing the ambient and task lighting levels required in contemporary office spaces.

Other lighting elements used in the computing centre and storeroom were 30 Avion pendant luminaires, 67 DTI Type 1 and 50 LED downlighs from LTS.

Operating in their new fresh premises the client is very satisfied with all the products, especially with Appareo.



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Avion 80

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