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Turku University Hospital

Large hospital lighting partner

T-Hospital is Fagerhult Finland's biggest project ever. Over a ten year period Fagerhult delivered almost 20 000 luminaires, a third of which were from the popular downlight series, Pleiad.


When this 108 000 square meter hospital was newly constructed, nearly ten years ago, a reliable supplier was needed with a wide range of recessed products as well as experience in hospital lighting.

Fagerhult in Finland had a good history of cooperation with the electrical consultant. This cooperation brought about a mutual understanding in what was needed in the building process which resulted in Fagerhult being appointed as the main lighting supplier over three phases between 2003 and 2013.

The T-hospital is now home to about 1600 employees working in emergency services for basic health care and specialist medical care in the Turku area.


This hospital has a wide variety of recessed luminaires. The architect created a suspended ceiling system and Fagerhult helped to integrate the lighting on the spot.

Introducing Indigo ed2 Perfo Hygiene

One of the recessed solutions in the third part was Fagerhult’s Indigo ed2 Perfo Hygiene which was specially developed for the HUS Kolmiosairaala hospital project in Finland. Since then it has been used in T-hospital as well as other projects.

The luminaire is now part of the standard Fagerhult product range, giving a predominantly indirect light distribution for hygiene environments.

Early bird on light control

From 2000 to 2003 a large amount of wallwashers with a versatile digital light control system (DSI) were installed; a very progressive solution at the time. Fagerhult worked closely with Tridonic during the whole project. This system meant clinical staff had the ability to control their lighting requirements from their work stations as required.

Phase 1.

The first delivery period was completed in 2003 with luminaires including the recessed downlight Pleiad G1, MultiFive Gamma, Multilume Hydro and the mirror luminaire Aqua.

Phase 2.

During the phase from 2009–2010 Fagerhult delivered the downlight Pleiad G2, the recessed MultiFive, Multilume Hydro, Aqua and 122 pieces of purpose made ELG ed2 bed head units.

Phase 3.

The third phase was completed in 2013 and included more Pleiad G2 downlights and Indigo ed 2 Perfo Hygiene, the recessed MultiFive, the robust luminaire Multilume Hydro and the mirror luminaire Aqua. An elegant flow of light was achieved in the canteen by using pendant Avion.

Focus-projectors from Fagerhult’s business partner Simes illuminate both outdoors and in the entrance hall.


Indigo Ed2 Perfo Hygiene

Montage Luminaire pour encastrement dans un faux plafond ventilé ou non. Ne pas couvrir le luminaire. Pour plus de détail, se référer aux fiches de montage disponibles sur notre site web. Pour montage dans des faux plafonds avec profilé de support visible...


Avion est un luminaire qui combine à la fois délicatesse et robustesse. Une conception étonnante et une technologie innovante se cache derrière ce design aérien. Avion peut être utilisé comme un luminaire indépendant ou faire partie d’un système...

MultiFive Basic

MultiFive Basic est une série de luminaires encastrés. Cette gamme est issue d’une volonté de réunir à la fois fonctionnalité, efficacité et design pertinent en un luminaire de haute qualité. Le nom MultiFive Basic évoque non seulement le concept T5,...


Aqua est un appareil d’éclairage décoratif conçu pour éclairer des éléments spécifiques, un miroir par exemple. Grâce à son design simple et efficace, Aqua est un luminaire qui s’intègre parfaitement dans son environnement. Aqua a une forme légèrement...

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