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Spar, Sundvollen

Finding everyday items at Spar in Sundvollen

Spar is one of the world’s largest supermarket chains with more than 14 300 stores in 40 countries. In Norway there are 281 stores and Spar in Sundvollen is one of those. On the 26 of November 2015 the gates were opened to the brand new convenience store in Sundvollen, a village northwest of Oslo. The new store offers an assortment of fresh food, bread, pastries, fruit and vegetables and merchandise from local producers.


This Spar store focuses on offering everyday items near your home, functioning as the convenience store around the corner. In Sundvollen Spar is located close to urban and residential areas.

When illuminating a grocery store it is important to use efficient modern lighting solutions due to the stores long opening hours. Therefore efficient LED luminaires are extensively used in the store. Accent lighting in suspended wooden modules were needed and a track system providing general lighting in the whole store offering comfortable lighting between the racks.


Accent light

Recessed Marathon spotlights were made in grey for the wooden modules, properly aimed towards the fresh fruit and vegetable section. Marathon has an efficient LED module and a good colour rendering of RA 90 making the merchandise look its best.

Flexible track system

As for the general lighting Fagerhult’s latest linear LED luminaire for food stores were used.

ITrack Line LED is an energy efficient luminaire developed specially for the iTrack system. iTrack is a flexible system that combines all the functions needed in a store – in one single track system: general lighting, accent lighting, DALI controls, emergency lighting and speakers. Its robust track design also enables installation of luminaires in one long line. iTrack’s quick connection system can also cut installation time which enables stores to achieve their opening date sooner.

ITrack Line LED has a design without adaptors, which makes the luminaire align delicately to the track, giving it a clean look.

For those hygiene demands

For other functions in the store such as the more stringent hygiene areas recessed Multilume Hydro is used. Not only does it provide professional work lighting, it also simplifies maintenance, as it is easy to service and clean.

Illuminating outdoors

Evolume, an energy efficient LED luminaire for streets and roads, illuminates the outdoor parking. The luminaire is a cost efficient solution that offers great light quality and longer life length. The outdoor lighting combined with illuminated signs and logotypes makes the store a welcoming place to shop. 


Marathon Midi G2

Montage Montage sur Rail 3 allumages ou iTrack. Connexion Adapateur 3 phases ou iTrack. Design Corps en fonte d'aluminium, peinture poudrée noir (RAL 9017) ou blanc (RAL 9016). Bague avant en plastique moulé. Réflecteur Réflecteur à lamelle en aluminium...

Pozzo Suspension

Montage Suspension à deux points c/c 53–78 mm. Connexion Borne de connexion rapide 3x1,5 mm² ou 5x1,5 mm² pour modulation de l’éclairage. Connexion monophasée possible. Câble extérieur possible. Le réglage de la hauteur s’effectue à l’aide du serre-câble...


Technical perfection for streets and roads Evolume combines excellent lighting properties and visual comfort with a modern cost-effective design. Thanks to its flat appearance, the post top luminaire blends well into numerous different environments....

Multilume Hydro Robust LED

Montage Recessed or surface mounted. The recessed model is suitable for fixed suspended ceilings or suspended ceilings with visible T-bars. Suspension fittings in the corners, tamper-proof torx. Connexion Connection in separate driver box. The driver box...

AllFive LED

Montage Montage en saillie, installation murale (à l’horizontale) ou suspension sur câble d´acier Livré avec joints en caoutchouc, classification IP 44. Connexion Raccordement 230 V, Driver LED intégré. Borne de raccordement centrale avec connexion rapide...

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