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New lighting to new concept store

With over 130 stores, Moss is the UK’s leading men’s formal wear retailer. Following the sale of 13 Hugo Boss stores back to Hugo Boss, the company embarked on an ambitious new concept store in London’s Canary Wharf which would be the template for future Moss stores across the UK.


The Faces were appointed as interior designers and Light Tecnica were appointed as lighting designers. With the store being split in to three key areas (Bespoke, Hire and Moss) it was important that each area should be both different yet complimentary to each other.

Due to the dark finishes in the Bespoke and Hire areas, it was decided that 70 W CDM-T lamps would be the primary lamp source. Supplementary to this however would be the use of 20 W CDM-Tm lamps, T5 fluorescent lamps and LED fixtures for important detail areas.

Overall the store was considered a huge success by the retailer and it is their intention to use this store as a template for future Moss stores throughout the UK.


Fagerhult’s ZoneSingle*1) recessed adjustable spotlight was chosen as the main lighting source and a bespoke anti-glare device was incorporated in to the fixture to avoid glare from the ceiling. In both white and grey finishes (depending on the area it was installed in), the spotlights uses a 41 degree reflector to deliver uniform light to both the perimeter merchandising and mid-floor fixtures.

Complement ambient light

Within the feature windows, Fagerhult Marathon*2) 20 W CDM-Tm track spotlights were installed vertically on track in the windows to complement the ambient lighting provided from above by the ZoneSingle fixtures and to provide a level of depth and interest to the window displays.

Complimentary to fabrics

The fitting rooms are illuminated by Pleiad Power Fixed*3) 20 W downlights with 61 degree reflectors which, when combined with their careful positioning, provides a lit effect that is complimentary to the fabrics used in the merchandise and is shadow-free to the front of the customer.

In the main retail space, the rear shirt wall was highlighted as a key focal point and, in order that a different lighting effect was achieved, products from Fagerhult-owned LTS were used, along with Fagerhult’s LED Stick fixture to provide a halo effect to the shirt wall.

Important details

Emergency lighting was provided by the discreet emLED fixture and other important details such as the pelmet lighting to the perimeter and the cove lighting to the main ceiling, were provided by Thinlite Seamless T5 fixture.

*1) ZoneSingle is no longer in production. Please see Zone Evo G2.

*2) This Marathon is no longer in production. Please see Marathon G2.

*3) Pleiad Power Fixed is no longer in production. Please see Noc G2.

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