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Ministry of the Environment

New premises with sustainable solutions

The Ministry of the Environment moved to energy efficient premises at the beginning of May, 2015. The new facility is a way for the Ministry to fulfill its commitment on reducing ecological footprint. The renovation of the old building was initiated in 2012, with a particular focus on energy efficiency: by means of structural and technical solutions the aim was to reduce energy consumption by half. The idea of reducing ecological footprint has a strong synergy with Fagerhult´s environmental initiative, Crystal Clear. It is our way of emphasizing the importance of working in a way that leaves behind the least possible environmental impact.


The roof of the building houses a solar power station that covers over 100 m² and produces some of the energy used by the Ministry. In order to save energy, the lighting, cooling and air conditioning of interior spaces are controlled using presence, condition and daylight sensors. LED-technology has been used for the lighting. The lifts of the seven-store building recover brake energy, and the components, such as ventilation fans, used in the building automation systems are extremely energy-efficient. “Active green walls” purify indoor air and are very efficient thanks to the plants´ ability to adapt their functions to the ambient conditions. The Ministry of the Environment will closely monitor its own consumption in real time.


Fagerhult wanted to offer to the Ministry a sustainable lighting solution, which is the sum of many parts such as energy efficiency, the design of the solution. We wanted our products to contribute to better living and working environments by putting together intelligent solutions that can potentially halve electricity consumption without compromising the lighting comfort.

Fagerhult delivered to the Ministry several energy efficient luminaire models. Appareo was chosen for the conference rooms.  Suspended Appareo maximizes the design flexibility offered by LEDs, without compromising on the requirements for efficiency and ergonomics. Pleiad Wallwasher G3 -downlights complement the ambient light in the premises.

Recessed Multilume Flat illuminates the corridors. This effective LED-luminaire has a completely level smooth surface, which follows the surface of the ceiling, resulting in a appearance that is both stylish and discreet. Multilume´s balanced work and general lighting delivers excellent light ergonomics, and is updated with the latest LED-technology.

Closs was chosen in the working areas. They are decorative luminaires, boasting exceptional efficiency with neat minimalist style. Notor LED illuminates the reception desk and Aqua LEDs all the sanitary spaces. As a lighting control systems DALI is used in the whole building.



Montage Suspension en deux points. Câble de suspension 1,5 m avec serre-fils inclus. Le luminaire est équilibré à la livraison. Le boîtier de ballast externe se monte en saillie ou se place séparément au-dessus du faux plafond. Connexion Le luminaire se...

Pleiad Wallwasher G3

Montage Montage encastré dans le faux plafond avec ou sans ventilation. Certaines versions peuvent être recouverte avec l’isolation. Pour plus de détail, se référer aux fiches de montage disponibles sur notre site web. Ressorts de montage inclus. En cas...

Multilume Flat Delta

Montage Montage encastré dans le faux plafond avec ou sans ventilation. Deux versions disponibles : VTB – pour faux plafonds à profilés en T apparents de 15 ou 24 mm. 300x300 également pour plafonds fixes. HB – pour faux plafonds à profilés non...

Closs Beta Direct/Indirect

Montage Suspension par câble. La fixation de câble s’effectue avec un réglage millimétrique directement sur le luminaire. Câble de suspension, voir Accessoires. Connexion Deux ouvertures pour passage de câbles 9 mm sur le dessus du luminaire, voir le...

Notor 60

Montage Pour montage seul ou en ligne continue, en saillie ou suspendu par câbles avec fixations spéciales pour un écartement flexible. Peut également être monté au mur à l’aide d’une console murale, voir Accessoires. Connexion Passage de câble sur le...


Montage Montage mural horizontal ou vertical. Une prise peut être placée au choix du côté droit ou gauche en cas de montage horizontal. Classe de protection IP 44. Connexion Ouvertures pour passage de câbles pour raccordement latéral, voir schéma. Borne...

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