Kristiansand : Norway


Wooden wave with light

The Performance Art Centre Kilden is an extraordinary building that looks like a big wooden wave rising over the sea – and the lighting comes from Fagerhult.


In 2012 opened this exceptional performance art centre for the south of Norway. Kilden will gather Kristiansand’s performing arts institutions such as the Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra. For their disposal they will have a concert hall designed to accommodate 1200 people and also a theatre with a capacity of 700 people. The overall building is about 25 000 square meters and is beautiful placed by the sea.


Fagerhult's light covers the different areas in the centre – with functional light in the hallways, concert halls, dressing rooms and offices to pure beautification around the centre, enhancing the wooden walls and colourful settings.

Curved walls – floating shapes

The curved wooden walls are made of local oak and are one of the main design elements in the building. They were a challenge to illuminate without causing glare for the people passing. And the result gave a illuminated roof with floating shapes.

Notor solves communication areas

Fagerhult’s popular surface and wire pendant Notor G2 is installed around the communication areas. Its slim, minimalistic profile blends in naturally in the different areas, from the colourful stairways to the big corridors, offices and seating areas. It is the luminaire that solves any challenge presented by the lighting project.

Merging of light

The inground Megazip fittings from our lighting partner Simes are evenly spread in the foyer and on the walkway outside. Since there is only a big glass wall separating, the light merges from the foyer out to the promenade along the lake – making it a landmark to enjoy also from a far distance.

The colourful interior, mixed with oak and adapted lighting completes this building and makes the setting itself an experience to visit.



Grâce à ses dimensions compactes, sa facilité d’installation et son design, Basic permet de créer des solutions d’éclairage fonctionnelles. Avec un design minimaliste et un éclairage performant, Basic est le luminaire idéal pour de nombreux types...


Aqua est un appareil d’éclairage décoratif conçu pour éclairer des éléments spécifiques, un miroir par exemple. Grâce à son design simple et efficace, Aqua est un luminaire qui s’intègre parfaitement dans son environnement. Aqua a une forme légèrement...


Inducon est un système d’éclairage industriel T5 offrant un excellent rapport qualité-prix et une haute qualité de matériau. La répartition lumineuse à faisceau large, moyen ou étroit permet d’obtenir un éclairage adapté à l’environnement industriel....


Le luminaire d'intérieur classique Notor de Fagerhult est disponible en plusieurs versions pour un montage suspendu, en saillie ou encastré. Notor représente un choix évident si l'on souhaite créer de longues lignes de lumière ininterrompues. Discrète ou...

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