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Unique shopping centre received two BREEAM Awards

Fornebu S outside of Oslo is the world’s first shopping centre with a BREEAM “Outstanding” classification, which is the highest classification on its scale. At the annual BREEAM Awards 2015 Fornebu S also received two awards in the category Retail New Construction and the Your BREEAM award. And in March 2015 the building recieved another honourable price, the building of the year 2014 at the annual Norwegian Building gala.


Fornebu S is a unique shopping centre with smart environmentally proofed solutions. BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) is the world’s first leading design and assessment method for sustainable buildings. And Fornebu S is the world’s first shopping centre to recieve its “Outstanding” classification.

Due to their high score and “Outstanding” classification, Fornebu S was nominated at the BREEAM Awards 2015. Over 50 projects with the highest scoring building during the year were shortlisted from all over Europe.

A panel of independent judges selected the winners based on the specific circumstances, challenges and achievements of each development and also on how many scores the building achieved on the scale.

Fornebu S won two prestigious prizes: the Retail New Construction and the popular, Your BREEAM Award. The later were an award where the readers of the magazine readers of Building4Change could vote on their favourite project.

Building of the year

In March 2015 Fornebu S also received the price The Building of the year at the annual Norwegian Building gala. The motivation was that the building is a result of an ambitious contractor and good cooperation through the planning and building process. The project is a model of sustainable construction and future local city development.

Considering the whole process

BREEAM offers a standard scheme that is tailored for the use, such as creating a sustainable retail environment. Controlled throughout the whole building process, BREEAM covers the most important environmental areas such as, disposal, water, cooling, heating, health and environment, project management, energy, minerals, material, transport, CO2 emissions, technical solutions and lighting.

Making a sustainable building

The standard at Fornebu S were set after the best use of sustainable design and environmental functions. Which means a shopping centre focused on being as sustainable as possible and future proofing their building, which is very special because no other shopping centre has reached the “Outstanding” goal.

Already from the start KLP Eiendom reached for the goal to get the new 24 500 sqm shopping centre to be classified as “Outstanding”. But they did not stop there. Norway is one of the first countries implementing a passive house standard (NS 3701), to reach this standard were also one of the goals, as well as reaching class A in energy class. The apartments on top of the shopping centre are built after TEK10 and energy class C.

One of the most important environmental initiatives on this project is implementing sun panels on the roof, actually one of the largest sun panel filled area in Norway. These will produce at least 100 000 kWh per year.

Upcoming city centre

Fornebu is an upcoming city centre at the west part of Oslo. In the near coming future Fornebu will be a new area connecting the Fornebu, Snarøya and Lysaker with 25 000 new homes and 30 000 workplaces. The building of the centre started in September 2012 and by September 2014 the centre was finished. The centre also contains offices and apartments.

Efficient lighting by Fagerhult

Several of the shops and the general areas at Fornebu S is illuminated by Fagerhult, including the 36 000 sqm large garage and the outdoor area. Fagerhult illuminated amongst other the shops: Godt Brød, Sunkost, Modern Design, Tilbords, Annen etage, Apotek 1, Princess, Vinmonopolet, Rått & Flott, Jonathan Sushi, Klinikk for alle, Cubus, Dressmann, Volt and Bik Bok.


Full focus was on energy efficient lighting solutions. The communication areas between the shops are illuminated only with LED, with round recessed Pozzo luminaires.

Fagerhult lowered the light levels in the main passage to 150 lux, where it is mostly common with 400 to 500 lux. This enabled the shops in the centre to lower their light levels too, without creating any contrast to the passageways.

The open spaces at the communication areas are illuminated with LED luminaire Tibi decoratively floating in the open space.

Smart light control

The common areas are controlled with Helvar 910 DALI Router. And the lighting at the communication areas is controlled with presence sensors and daylight sensors.

Vinmonopolet has a special light control solution with DALI and the lighting is adjusted after the activities and amount of visitors at the shop throughout the day and by motion detectors back-office. By doing so they took the opportunity to further lower the energy usage.

Full focus on efficient LED solutions

Throughout the project there has been a great focus on choosing efficient LED solutions. The communication area is illuminated with about 98 % LED, the shops are illuminated with 99 % LED and it is 100 % LED solutions outdoors and in the apartments above the centre. This became a real success in using energy efficient LED-luminaires and each shops have energy consumption lower than 15 W/m². Two of Fagerhult most popular LED spotlights Zone Evo and Marathon were used in several of the shops.

Outdoor areas

The outdoor area is illuminated by Fagerhult’s Triton bollards and post top luminaires Vialume and Azur. Focus floodlights from our lighting partner Simes are mounted on four 9 m posts at the main entrance, illuminating the area in an effective and eye catching way.

The area also has several stylish wall and ceiling mounted luminaires, such as Rondo that really enhance the architecture, illuminating it in a pleasant way. 


Brighter colours on wall and ceiling were used in the parking garage so that the lighting of the functional Kaptur luminaire could be dimmed to lower light levels and still produce a good lighting atmosphere. The area is also controlled with DALI and presence detectors. This became a good way to save energy at the large area and KLP and Skanska were very pleased with the result.


Tibi Suspension

Montage Suspension à deux points, c/c 55–78 mm. Connexion Borne de raccordement rapide 5x2,5 mm², connexion monophasée possible. Longueur de câble 2,5 m et câble textile blanc de 2,5 m. Câble extérieur possible. Le réglage de la hauteur s’effectue dans le...

Pozzo I Delta

Montage Encastrement dans un espace avec ou sans ventilation. Ne pas couvrir le luminaire. Pour plus de détail, se réferer aux fiches de montage disponbiles sur notre site web. Les fixations de montage sont incluses dans la livraison. Il est recommandé...

iTrack Line faisceau large

Montage Installation sur le système de rail iTrack de Fagerhult. Design Corps du luminaire en aluminium extrudé laqué blanc (RAL 9016) et polycarbonate. Grille Lamelles – grille à lamelles laquée blanche en aluminium. Disponible en deux versions : pour...


Kaptur est un luminaire industriel encastré qui s'intègre parfaitement dans des environnements difficiles et froids. Avec la classe de protection IP 65, le luminaire est un excellent choix pour les garages ou les souterrains. Sa solution LED assure une...

Pleiad G3

Pleiad G3 est la troisième génération de la gamme de downlights désormais célèbre de Fagerhult. Comme toujours avec les luminaires de la série Pleiad, l'accent est mis sur un traitement lumineux parfait, une installation rapide et une grande efficacité...


Inducon est un système d’éclairage industriel T5 offrant un excellent rapport qualité-prix et une haute qualité de matériau. La répartition lumineuse à faisceau large, moyen ou étroit permet d’obtenir un éclairage adapté à l’environnement industriel....

Azur Post LED

Montage Luminaire for assembly on a post, with post top Ø 60 mm or Ø 76 mm. Connexion Supplied with 5 m cable, 2x1.5 mm². Design Body of cast aluminium and stainless steel details. Shade of UV-stabilised, clear polycarbonate. Re-lamping from the top....


A Nordic expression – several areas of application Taking inspiration from the beautiful Nordic light, we created Vialume 1 – Fagerhult’s first self-manufactured post top luminaire for city streets, smaller roads and car parks. After being very well...

Rondo W

Montage Luminaire pour montage mural. Connexion Borne de raccordement 3x2,5 mm² sur fixation murale. Design Châssis et fixation murale en aluminium extrudé. Verre de protection (verre trempé). Réflecteur Réflecteur en aluminium anodisé. Couleur standard...

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