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Office upgraded to Class A

The building process of the Finnish airline company Finnair’s new headquarters became a pleasant journey that landed in a LEED Gold certificate and accomplishing Class A requirements. Fagerhult provided efficient luminaires with light control that fulfilled the strict energy demands.


For Fagerhult it is important to be a responsive lighting partner that meets the needs of the project. The lighting chosen for this project was therefore tested in special model rooms and calculations were made before delivery, which arrived in good time to the builder.

Office to 1400 workers

Finnair’s office lies in the HOTT complex, House of Travel and Transportation. The total bulding area is 65 000 square meters and the airline company’s offices house 23 000 square meters of these. The headquarters’ interior, atmosphere and new lighting personifies Finnair’s fresh and light company brand. It is now an office space to 1400 workers.

Green building

With efficient lighting and smart building functions, such as ground heat and ventilation modified to each room, Finnair’s office fulfils the Class A requirements and has received a LEED Gold certificate. LEED is a tool used in green buildings which addresses the lifecycle of the entire building.


A green building needs efficient luminaires. The most striking luminaires in this project are the nine circles of Freedom that draws the viewer’s attention in the general areas. Freedom is a LED luminaire above the ordinary. It enables you to create dimensions and volume by drawing all kinds of lines of light – straight, circle or curved.

2700 downlights and comfortable work light

The crisp and fresh general light is provided by 2700 downlight Pleiad G2 with matt-brushed aluminium rings that are installed all around the office.

The workspaces are lit with 1250 pieces of grey suspended Closs Beta luminaires that produce a good work light level over the desks.

Both the Pleiad and the Closs luminaires were provided with light sources with extended lifetime.

Efficient solutions

These headquarters also embrace the functions that are part of a smart office of the future by using daylight control as well as presence detectors, all of which are controlled by DALI.


Pleiad Compact G2

Pleiad Compact G2 est un modèle compact rapide à installer qui offre un excellent confort lumineux malgré ses dimensions modestes. Pleiad Compact G2 peut être monté dans une profondeur d’encastrement limitée et offre beaucoup de possibilités. Centres...


Tracez votre propre chemin lumineux ! Freedom est un luminaire à LED innovant qui permet de créer des lignes droites ou courbes au plafond, au mur ou encore suspendues dans les airs. La combinaison de modules droits et courbes permet de créer des formes...


Closs est une gamme de luminaires décoratifs compacts dont les petites dimensions et les angles droits sont synonymes de minimalisme et de pureté. Il est donc naturel de choisir les appareils Closs si vous recherchez la simplicité et un luminaire ayant du...

Pleiad Comfort G2

Pleiad Comfort G2 est le luminaire idéal pour un éclairage incluant des downlights. Offrant des caractéristiques techniques avancées, il est équipé du reflecteur SLD (Distribution symétrique de la lumière) de Fagerhult. Il associe flexibilité et...

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