Gustavsberg : Sweden


Light and art in the Artipelag

You can take the bus, the car – or the boat. Artipelag is a new international venue for art, food, events and activities all beautifully set in the Stockholm Archipelago. Just 20 minutes away from the bustle of the city centre you’re embraced by the tranquillity and light of Swedish nature.


The name artipelag is a combination of Art, Activities, and Archipelago. Inaugurated in 2012, Artipelag has quickly realised its ambition of becoming a destination of high international quality – with boundary-crossing art exhibits, inspiring activities and good food.

Artipelag is a meeting place and a unique piece of architecture, created by the late Johan Nyrén. It combines many experiences, not least the art exhibitions under the direction of gallery manager Bo Nilsson.

High class cuisine and design

Artipelag also focuses on a high class cuisine, run by the chef and former coach of the Swedish national chef team, Fredrik Björlin. It has two restaurants and, of course, a shop. Here you can find posters and catalogues from the exhibitions and selected items like ceramics by Siri Seger. The shop also stocks unique design items from BabyBjörn.

The story behind

Actually, the famous Swedish baby brand was the beginning of this enterprise. In 2002 Björn Jakobson, founder of BabyBjörn, came up with the idea of creating a beautiful building for art and cultural experiences in the Stockholm archipelago. After many profitable years in Swedish business he saw an opportunity to manifest his own deep interest in nature and to combine it with his wife Lillemor’s background in art and design.

Extensive yet still intimate

Artipelag is an archipelago of its own covering around 32,000 square feet of land which the Artbox – an enormous concert-, event, and studio hall – equates to 13,000 square feet.

Extensive yet still intimate; architect Johan Nyrén has managed to design a building in harmony with its natural surroundings. Artipelag is dressed in bevelled pitched-pine planks, and carefully located between the pine trees and the cliffs with a magnificent view over Baggen’s Bay.


One of the fundamental ideas was that as soon as a visitor came into the entrance hall, he or she would be met by the four elements: fire crackling in the fireplace; earth and the rock on which the building rests; the clear air and the sparkling water that surrounds and frames the site.

Natural light

Nature and natural light plays an important role in the architecture. The main gallery stretches 65 meters facing Baggen’s Bay and is supported by another four exhibition rooms, called ”The Johan Nyrén Rooms”.

These rooms have a special architecture with sensuously designed walls. They are located to the north, which ensures a beautiful natural light on the works exhibited.

Top-notch technology

The premises meet the latest standards concerning climate, security and functionality when displaying art. The lighting solutions incorporate top-notch technology, flexible enough to support art exhibitions as well as events and recordings.

The observation deck at the roof offers an extra treat at night, with an undisturbed view for stargazers as the artificial lighting is designed not to interfere with the stars.

Enlightened by Fagerhult

The general lighting solution within the Artipelag is provided by Notor, a slim, minimalist luminaire offering excellent efficiency and colour rendering. The fitting is available in recessed, surface or suspended variations, which can be easily interlinked to create long light lines without disruptions.



Pozzo est comme un petit coin de ciel, un puits de lumière dans une pièce qui ne peut pas recevoir la lumière du jour. Inspiré par la lumière naturelle, Pozzo offre une sensation de lumière du jour très agréable. Beaucoup de possibilités sont proposées...


Closs est une gamme de luminaires décoratifs compacts dont les petites dimensions et les angles droits sont synonymes de minimalisme et de pureté. Il est donc naturel de choisir les appareils Closs si vous recherchez la simplicité et un luminaire ayant du...


Grâce à ses dimensions compactes, sa facilité d’installation et son design, Basic permet de créer des solutions d’éclairage fonctionnelles. Avec un design minimaliste et un éclairage performant, Basic est le luminaire idéal pour de nombreux types...

Ten° Line

Ten° est une gamme de luminaires T5 au design épuré, parfaitement adapté aux environnements contemporains. Grâce à son éclairage stimulant et dynamique, la série Ten° a été spécialement conçue pour des espaces de travail tels que bureaux, salles de...

Notor encastré

Le luminaire d'intérieur classique Notor de Fagerhult est disponible en plusieurs versions pour un montage suspendu, en saillie ou encastré. Notor représente un choix évident si l'on souhaite créer de longues lignes de lumière ininterrompues. Discrète ou...


Le luminaire d'intérieur classique Notor de Fagerhult est disponible en plusieurs versions pour un montage suspendu, en saillie ou encastré. Notor représente un choix évident si l'on souhaite créer de longues lignes de lumière ininterrompues. Discrète ou...


Le concept emLED de Fagerhult est basé sur une diode électroluminescente très intense qui n’est utilisée que pour l’éclairage de secours. La diode électroluminescente est pratiquement indestructible car elle est utilisée uniquement en cas d’urgence et...


Avion est un luminaire qui combine à la fois délicatesse et robustesse. Une conception étonnante et une technologie innovante se cache derrière ce design aérien. Avion peut être utilisé comme un luminaire indépendant ou faire partie d’un système...

Pleiad Compact G2

Pleiad Compact G2 est un modèle compact rapide à installer qui offre un excellent confort lumineux malgré ses dimensions modestes. Pleiad Compact G2 peut être monté dans une profondeur d’encastrement limitée et offre beaucoup de possibilités. Centres...