About reflector and louvre material

The reflectors and active louvres in the Fagerhult range are designed for maximum efficiency and controlled light distribution. This makes it possible to plan lighting for energy efficient solutions.

A significant factor in obtaining efficient luminaires is the choice of reflector and louvre material. Fagerhult carefully selects the best material available on the market.

The louvres and reflectors fitted in Fagerhults T5 luminaires are constructed from the most effective aluminium available. Many products for T8 fluorescent lamps and compact fluorescent lamps come equipped with reflectors and louvres featuring highly reflective material. All done with improved energy efficiency and a lower environmental impact in mind. The r5-louvre is available as r5, r5 mini and r5 micro.


  • Reflection factor up to 95 %.
  • Reflection factor 10 % better than anodised aluminium.
  • Better controlled beam path.
  • Total lack of colour shifting on surfaces.
  • Reduction in unwanted diffused beam path.
  • The manufacturing process impacts less on the environment than anodising.