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Visual experiences for about 50 stores

Several lighting suppliers were invited to participate in negotiating new contracts to an upgrade in the Nike- and Factory stores lighting concepts. Fagerhult came out with the best deal offering a competitive lighting solution in terms of quality and pricing and therefore has had the opportunity to supply fixtures to several Nike stores throughout Europe.


As an alternative lighting supplier for a number of stores and showrooms in Spain, Fagerhult was already known to Nike. In this collaboration a ‘high level of service’ reputation was earned. Consequently, Fagerhult had good recommendations as a future lighting supplier - something that was realized h4receiving the new contract deal.

Reduced power consumtion

Nike had certain requirements that had to be met when planning the lighting. The previous lighting solutions installed in the Factory stores were satisfactory, but needed improvements to reduce power consumption and other costs. Therefore the conceptual lighting design of the Nike Factory stores is based on a stringent design utilizing energy efficiency and a well thought-out light plan which still delivers an interesting visual experience.

The general lighting is provided by Inducon and the accent lighting by the cylindrical spotlight, Marathon. These energy efficient fixtures and light sources have been carefully chosen to simplify installation, maintenance and reduce the operational costs.


In the Nike stores, the essence is that of an old fashioned “1960’s school gym”. The conceptual lighting design is based on contrasts, shadows and accent lighting. This gives an interesting visual experience developed to enhance the image of the desired “1960’s school gym” and to create a commercially interesting shop environment.

Eye-catching and integrated light

Since cylindrical spotlights were preferred, Marathon was the perfect choice for this concept, joined by recessed Pleiad Power and a selection of WACO designed products. Over the cash counters pistachio green pendants with metallic wire guards were installed – this eye-catching luminaire suits the desired atmosphere brilliantly.

Framed black mirrors with integrated Match On luminaires were used in the fitting rooms and by having this package installed as one piece, it facilitates the installation process as well as provides an even light in which the customer can review their outfit.

Light for 50 more stores

Today Fagerhult has made lighting plans for approximately 50 Nike stores and showroom around Europe, from Helsinki to Mallorca and additional lighting plans are being produced.




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