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We feel passionate about retail lighting and can cover the entire spectrum of your lighting project – with high-quality products, education, concept development, on demand design, light planning, aiming and, crucially, on-going maintenance.

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A creative way to find the right light

Do you want to work creatively together with us at Fagerhult to find the best lighting solution for your brand? Welcome to a different kind of workshop.

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Light Guides inspiroi

Löydä uutta inspiraatiota liiketilojen valaistukseen. Annamme vinkkejä kestävän kehityksen mukaisten ja houkuttelevien valaistusratkaisujen luomiseksi sekä ehdotamme erilaisiin myymäläympäristöihin soveltuvia tuotteita.

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Elintarvikeliikkeen tehokas valaistus

Toteuta koko projekti erityisesti elintarvikkeiden valaisuun suunniteltujen led-valaisimien avulla. Luo valaistuksen avulla menestyviä ja energiatehokkaita myymälätiloja.

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Touch Midi

Touch Midi

Marathon Midi G3

Bolt spotlight

Neo LED Profile



Control Track

Lighting Track Pro

Relay Spot G2

iTrack Line LED

Multilume Function LED


Marathon Recessed Rich ja Glow G2

Marathon Rich ja Marathon Glow G2

Zone Evo I Rich ja Glow G2

Zone Evo I Recessed Rich ja Glow G2

Marathon Midi G2

Zone Evo I G2

Zone Evo II G2

Zone Evo I Recessed G2

Zone Evo II Recessed G2

Noc Square G2

Noc Round G2

Noc Trimless G2

Marathon Tunable


The ultimate foodie experience

Read about innovation and trends that will spark your imagination in Fagerhult's magazine The Innovator. This issue is dedicated to different food sectors.

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Illuminate with style

Touch is a stylish and timeless luminaire that will fit smoothly into any retail environment and its integrated driver gives clean feeling at the shop ceiling.

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Neo LED Profile

Create individuality and artistic designs with our new profile spotlight.

Project gobo patterns

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