Roskilde University

Campus in brilliant downlight patterns

Unique patterns in the roof can be created with downlights. This is shown at the new modern campus at Roskilde University in Denmark.


The new campus is built to create meeting places and encourage dialogue between students at different institutions. Its well thought architecture create a comprehensive and diverse environment with four square shaped buildings of 14 000 square meters.

Built in an arch

The buildings are rotated slightly towards each other to create an arch. The inside of the arch then create a lively square that forms a natural place for students to meet.

Designed for daylight

For the students to get as much daylight and natural sun as possible, the buildings are created to open up to the sun during different times of the day. And to get more daylight is something studies show helps students perform better.


With the help of downlights in different sizes, the ceilings around the premises get brilliant looking patterns of light, which enhance the architecture in the great foyer and stairway.

Patterns from Pleiad

The patterns in the roof are shaped with Fagerhult’s biggest family of luminaires, the downlight Pleiad. The Pleiad SLD G2 series was chosen for this project, in diameters of 165, 205, 245 and 285. The walls are also highlighted with Pleiad’s asymmetrical wallwashers.

Complimented with clean recessed light

The lighting project is complimented with general light from recessed Indigo Combo. They provide a comfortable clean design with good light comfort. The lighting solution for this project was a mix of both direct and indirect light, which is controlled with DALI.


Pleiad Comfort G2

Pleiad Comfort G2 -valaisimien suunnittelun keskeisenä tavoitteena on ollut huippuluokan valotekniikka eli mahdollisimman hyvä häikäisysuojaus ja samalla erinomainen hyötysuhde. SLD-optiikan ansiosta vaakalamppuiseen valaisimeen on saatu...

Indigo Combo

Indigo Combo on sisustuksellinen toimistovalaisin, joka täyttää tarvittaessa myös EN 12464-1 mukaiset näyttöpäätetyötilojen valaistusvaatimukset. Combo yhdistää samaan moduulivalaisimeen hyvän hyötysuhteen, häikäisysuojauksen ja tilan valoisuusvaikutelmaa...


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Light Consultant

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