PUB : Sweden


Illuminating cubes

The fashion chain Cubus in the shopping centre PUB in Stockholm has a brand new shop concept with a delicate mix of luminaires and solutions that highlight the brand experience.


The lighting design consists of a mix of spotlight lighting and linear lighting using Fagerhult’s product Notor. Its light lines create a visually exciting shop environment.

To create a feeling of one large shop and not two separate floors a giant lighting cube was designed and illuminated.

The cube function as a large focus area and gives an experience in the entrance area. It has a mix of colour temperatures creating an exciting element in the shop and is equipped with controls to change the light levels.

The cubical design is also recurring inside the shop in the shapes of focus areas in black and white, all illuminated delicately by the small spotlight Relay Spot G2.

The general lighting is provided by the spotlight Zone Evo, equipped with capcones and honeycomb louvers to avoid glare.


Relay Spot G2

Asennus Fixed installation in ceiling, wall or ground. Direct installation or with accessory track. Kytkentä Connection in remote LED driver constant current 700mA. Connection cable 1,5 m premounted in luminaire. Connects in serial. Rakenne Aluminium...


Fagerhultin klassisia Notor-valaisimia on saatavana ripustettavina, kattopintaan asennettavina sekä kattoon upotettavina malleina. Notor on hyvä valinta myös silloin, kun valaistus halutaan toteuttaa pitkinä, jatkuvina valolinjoina. Notor on...

Zone Evo II G2

Asennus Liitetään 230 V 3-vaihekosketinkiskoon (esim. Global Trac Pro tai Nokia XTS) tai iTrack-kosketinkiskoon. Sopii myös useiden muiden valmistajien 3-vaihekosketinkiskoihin. Valaisin voidaan asentaa myös jakorasiaan tai kattopintaan...

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