Fagerhult illuminates low energy office

When the construction and civil engineering company Peab built their new region office, they focused on creating an energy saving premise with low energy use. The chosen lighting solution, such as Fagerhult’s latest LED downlight Pleiad G3, contributed to the energy savings.


With lowered energy usage, Peab’s new premises are at the forefront in building energy efficient offices. The bright and fresh location was finished and ready to move into in November 2012. 


About 580 Pleiad G3 illuminates the general areas around the building, from the entrance to the staffroom. Pleiad is Fagerhult’s biggest family of luminaires that is upgraded to a third generation with LED of high efficiency and quality.

Lasting downlights

Pleiad G3 give stars to the ceiling. They are made only for LED and focuses on light quality, ergonomics, quick installation and energy efficiency. In short, a luminaire that lasts!

The downlights are supplemented with Pleiad LED Wallwashers, that contributes to the bright atmosphere with cascades of light over the walls.

Recessed light and pendants for workspaces

A good office needs good light. Peab choose to use DTI to illuminate the workspaces. And Indigo Combo Delta gives light over the large office with an uncomplicated and clean recessed design.

The lighting is controlled by presence, a solution that saves energy, and the daylight from the big windows is well taken care of with daylight control.

Additional light

The powerful pendant Terso function as the eye catcher in the lunchroom and the under-cupboard luminaire LED SL illuminates the kitchen bench. Fagerhult’s popular outdoor series can be found outside the building under the canopies.

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Pleiad G3

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