Three Hospitals in Kalmar County

Medical supplies and lighting to three hospitals

Between the years 2010–2013 three hospitals in Kalmar County is renovated with new lighting and medical supply solutions.


Three hospitals in Kalmar County in Sweden were all in the need of renovation. During a period of three years, facilities for ICU, recovery, OR and ER, were newly built and renovated.

Newly built areas and renovations

All together 21 435 square meter of new premises is built and 25 075 square meters is renovated. Fagerhult’s medical supply units and lighting solutions are installed at all three places.


Fagerhult have developed lighting systems for health and care since 1968. We provide solutions for all kinds of healthcare environments and delivered both general lighting and medical supply units for these three hospitals.

Pendants for intensive care

An intensive care room must be well-planned, with the right equipment in the right place. There should be space for many connection options and power outlets.

The ceiling pendant 23000 is delivered to the three hospitals. It can take equipment up to 210 kg, a pendant solution gives more room to work in and more space for necessary equipment. And the monitor arm OndaSpace compliments the flexibility. All in all more than 100 pieces were delivered.

General light

The general light is provided by Multilume Hydro, which is specially developed for environments with stringent hygiene demands.

Recessed Indigo Combo and the oval recessed Pozzo were also used in the projects, they give a pleasant general light without glare.


Indigo Combo

The uncomplicated and clean recessed design, combined with high efficiency and technical performance, allows Indigo Combo to create comfortable environments. Indigo Combo is available in square or rectangular designs and in two sizes with one or two...

Multilume Hydro G2

Environments with stringent hygiene requirements must also have highly effective lighting and Multilume Hydro was specifically developed to address these needs. Not only does it provide professional work lighting, it also simplifies maintenance as it’s...

Open Box

Open Box is a classic combination of direct and indirect light with a twist. Instead of enclosing the light sources in a conventional luminaire housing, the space between them is accentuated. The lower long side of the luminaire has been perforated so...


Pozzo is a little piece of the sky, bringing the feeling of daylight into spaces where there may be limited access to the real thing. Its design was inspired by natural light and with a number of different sizes available, there is the scope to create...

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