Oulu : Finland

Din sko

Decorative clusters creating an inviting atmosphere

At the shoe store Din sko in Oulu, See Prosper illuminates a large open space and creates a inviting atmosphere.


At Din sko in Oulu, Finland, Fagerhult has created a lighting solution with pendant See Prosper clusters of four fixtures, installed over a large open space.

In total there are six decorative clusters creating an inviting atmosphere. Other than that, the shop has a discrete and dynamic lighting solution with Sinus spotlights, 20 W and 35 W, creating an energy efficient lighting solution.


The installation of See Prosper solved the challenge of illuminating an area with high ceiling height (around 15 meters) without any walls and ceiling to attach the fixtures in. In this case the clusters were pending in wires and lowered to a suitable height.

See Prosper is a decorative and functional light fixture and suitable where traditional ways of accent lighting is not effective. In this shop See Prosper really enhanced to the total impression of the shop, leaving the customer satisfied with both lighting and design.


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