The feeling of a photo studio

In order to enhance and strengthen the BikBok brand they wanted to implement a new shop concept. Fagerhult was chosen as a partner to develop the BikBok chains new lighting solution.


BikBok is a retail chain in the Nordic region, Latvia and the UK. BikBok aims to be the first choice amongst fashion-conscious girls who follows trends and all the twists and turns of the fashion world. BikBok is part of the Norwegian textile group Varner-Gruppen which has approximately 1100 stores distributed throughout nine different markets in Europe.

Versatile and flexible solutions

After the BikBok architects had created the new design vision, it had to be translated into matching lighting. The interior in the new BikBok concept is versatile and flexible. The walls for example, can be changed in able to create different types of expressions and the products are presented on display tables in different shapes and materials.

A definite facelift

The customer was overwhelmed and very pleased with the final result. BikBok got a definite facelift, where the modern floor from "Bolon", versatile interior, striking lighting and trendy clothing creates a great general impression of the store. This concept is definitely here to stay and will pop up in several more BikBok stores.


The lighting concepts aim is to create a feeling of a photo studio. Fagerhult's product development department produced a “soft box” luminaire out of the compact fluorescent luminaire Discovery. Pleiad LED Wallwasher in the entrance creates a spectacular feeling in the store as it smoothly changes color at night.

Changing colour

Energy efficient and service free LED works well as a substitute for metal halide, and also offer colour changing possibilities. Since no light sources need to be changed it works especially well in high ceiling environments. Fagerhult also included the new cylindrical spotlight, Marathon*1) into the concept. Fixtures of 35 W MTC and 70 W MT was used for the BikBok concept.

We thought that Marathon would suit the concept very well due to its minimalistic, discreet design. Also it is nice to be able to present a new product into to a new exiting store concept, says David Holmqvist Key Account Manager at Fagerhult Retail.

Theatrical atmosphere

Furthermore Thinlite*(2 35 W is mounted behind the fitting room mirrors creating a nice corona effect. The mirrors are decorated with blasted opal circles to associate them with make-up tables from the old days, and give the fitting room a theatrical atmosphere.

*1) This Marathon is no longer in production. Please see Marathon G2.

*(2 Thinlite is no longer in production. Please see Lumiline.

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