Visiano is available in two models, with ceiling bracket or installation on wall or IC-rail. Visiano is supplied with membrane panel on top of the luminaire housing. It can also be supplied with adjustable colour temperature with two fixed positions and with four fixed light levels.

Placed on wall or IC-rail. Ceiling mounted version is supplied with brackets, while other brackets are accessories.

1.8 m mains cable with plug. The luminaire is class II.

Counterbalance arm in polyamide/aluminium and a polycarbonate luminaire housing. Each of the arm's joints can also be adjusted with friction screws.
Gives 60000 lx at 0.5 m distance.

Driver is positioned in the arm.

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W CCT (K) CRI Art.No.
For IC-rail/wall
21 3500/4500 <95 74652
With ceiling bracket
21 3500/4500 <95 74653

Bracket for ELG 3000

Bracket 94452

Wall bracket

Wall bracket

Measure bracket: W=104 H=175. Four holes. 94450

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