Pleiad SLD G2

Pleiad SLD G2’s advanced light properties make it an ideal solution for light planning with downlights. Equipped with Fagerhult’s SLD reflector it combines flexibility with optimal light treatment. The balanced and glare-free light is well suited to both office and educational environments.

The Pleiad SLD G2 luminaire housing and reflector have been developed to optimise A-classified compact fluorescent lamps; FSM 14 W and 17 W. These light sources can increase efficiency by approximately 20–40 %, offering significant energy savings and the scope to reduce the number of luminaires required.

The reflector technology is unique to this luminaire. Its design creates a rotational symmetric light distribution which is even and directionally independent. This makes it easier to plan lighting in the room and create high level of visual comfort due to the horizontal placement of the light sources and effective mechanical cut-off.

Designed by Wilma Daemen


Pleiad SLD G2 285

Pleiad SLD G2 205

Pleiad SLD G2 245

Pleiad SLD G2 165

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