Monitor arm Acrobat 3000 with VarioView

Monitor arm for ceiling or wall installation where the screen can set at the proper angle and then moved back from the sphere of activity.

Acrobat 3000

For equipment with a max load 30 kg. Available for ceiling or wall installation.

Cable lead-through
Example of max. space 1 x cable Ø 9 mm + 1 x cable Ø 6 mm + 2 x cables Ø 5 mm.

Weight range:
7–11, 12–18, 17–26, 23–30 kg.

Parallel arm available in 930 mm lengths. Fixed arms available in 700/850/1000/1150 mm lengths.

Wall bracket
Wall bracket available for assembling the parallel arm or fixed arm.

Ceiling bracket
Ceiling bracket available for assembling the parallel arm or fixed arm.

• Outlet socket box 170 (H 170 x W 270 x D 200 mm).
• Outlet socket box 720 (outlet height 720 mm).
• VarioView for one or two flat screens.
• Adapter for 100x100 mm VESA flat screen.
• Handle for flat screen.
• Handle, sterile.
• Shelf C-Yoke 402x368 mm.
• Shelf M-Yoke 480x520 mm.

Monitor arms

Monitor arms are a fast and flexible way of accessing information. The monitor can be quickly set to the right angle and moved in and out of the sphere of activity, creating working space. Fagerhult’s monitor arms have the...

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