Designed by: Weikko Kotila and Julle Oksanen.

Freedom is an innovative LED luminaire that makes it possible to create free forms suspended in the air, on the ceiling and on the wall.

Designed for single or continuous installation via a wire pendant, or alternatively surface mounted to a wall or ceiling via two securing holes in profile. (Wire pendant, end caps and coupler brackets are ordered separately.)

Connection cable, see Accessories, connects between luminaire and LED ballast. Connect together for longer lengths, max. 7 metres.

Luminaire body in black anodised aluminium. Diffusers made from opal polyester, reflectors made from highly reflective polyester, end caps made from black ABS plastic. Transparent power cable. Installation box in white enamelled sheet-metal.

Up to 6 luminaires can be connected to a PWM dimmer, see accessories.

Also available with coloured lights upon request (via coloured filters in the luminaire).

4000 K: Ra (CRI) min. 80, L70 50 000 h, MacAdam 3 SDCM. Efficiency, lm/W = a system consisting of 6 luminaires connected to driver 98198.

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W Kg K Light distr. lm lm/W Art.No
LED (System)
18 1.5 4000 Direct 810 45 16924
25 1.4 4000 Direct/indirect 1310 54 16923
18 1.6 4000 Direct 810 45 16922
25 1.5 4000 Direct/indirect 1310 54 16921

End cap

Description Catalog no.
2 x caps 94022

Continuous coupler bracket

Description Catalog no.
Continuous coupler bracket, light trap, cable for continuous installation 94033

LED PWM dimmer

Note! For dimming of luminaire: 98198+99110 or 98198+99111.

Description Catalog no.
LED PWM dimmer 120 W/24 V D 1–10 V 99110
LED PWM dimmer 120 W/24 V D DALI 99111

Wire/Wire Mount

Description Catalog no.
2 x wire and wire bracket for pendant installation 94021

Power cable

Description Catalog no.
4 m power cable connection 2x conductors 94034
4 m power cable connection 4x conductors 94035


Description Catalog no.
LED driver 150 W/24 V 98198


Dimensions picture

Light distribution

Light distribution


Wall mounted Freedom.

Wall mounted Freedom.

Suspended direct/indirect luminaire incl. dust and contact protection.

Suspended direct/indirect luminaire incl. dust and contact protection.

Detail picture #3

Detail picture #3

Detail picture #4

Detail picture #4


Freedom is designed by Weikko Kotila and Julle Oksanen

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